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    Track and measure every click and engagement with a dynamic, branded short link solution

    Right now, your links are just like your nephew’s at-home plays: too long and you have no idea where they’re going. (“I fell asleep during Act 3 with the robot dinosaurs.”)

    It takes time to build your audience and create great content, and you need trackable links that work for your brand.

    Meet the link shortening tool that monitors every engagement, protects your data, and helps your audience click with confidence.

    Introducing BL.INK.


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    Shorten links with a branded domain that builds trust
    Alternative to: bitly and TinyURL
    Edit every aspect of your links and route by day, date, time, geography, device, and language
    Best for: Marketers, developers, and sales teams who want to track every click and drive more customer engagement


    BL.INK is a flexible short link management platform that helps you manage, monitor, and measure every click across every channel.

    After a website, a branded short domain is one of the most important tools for any company.

    BL.INK lets you securely shorten your links with branded domains and include tracking tags and Google Analytics variables.

    You’ll be able to track and monitor all your links, no matter the source.

    Make your links put in the work in the BL.INK platform, where you can create, manage, and analyze all your links quickly and easily. (Some might the BL.INK of an eye?)

    With BL.INK, every link is completely editable, so you can customize it to your needs!

    Following a broken link is as disappointing as getting left on read—don’t ghost your customers with bad links!

    With BL.INK, every aspect of your links are editable, so you can easily change and update your links at any time.

    Change destination links, update tracking tags and campaign names, or get notified via email whenever you get clicks.

    Your branded links are perfect for social media, sales presentations, packaging, and more! Best of all, you’ll never feel locked into a link again.

    Get deep-dive analytics on each link and drill down to get the critical insights you need.

    In today’s tech-driven world, web analytics are essential for marketers to better understand and engage their audiences.

    BL.INK brings all the analytics right to your fingertips—get clicks by day, hour, geography, and device for a quick look into your campaign performance.

    Feed all your metrics into your web analytics platform to get more in-depth insights and filter by day, owner, or tag.

    With BL.INK, you can zero in on the data that matters most to you and your business.

    Use geographic breakdowns and heat maps to track your reach and engagement worldwide!

    BL.INK is all about giving you the freedom to do work your way. (♫ I clicked it myyy way ♫)

    Collaborate seamlessly with team members across campaigns and monitor collaborators through multiple users, campaigns, and domains.

    BL.INK makes it easy to import thousands of links for a single campaign or make bulk edits and upload your changes.

    You’ll be able to export your data at any time and integrate with popular third party apps like Zapier or Zoho Flow to get work done on your terms.

    Get an aggregate view of each account and filter clicks based on parameters like time, tags, and location.

    With so many interactions shifting online, building an unforgettable customer experience is crucial.

    BL.INK helps you create painless customer journeys with dynamic link routing and custom rules.

    Route links and mix and match rules to deliver the right message across geography, languages, or devices.

    Your customers will feel like they’re one-of-a-kind thanks to the tailored link-based experiences BL.INK offers. (They call it “surprise and delight” for a reason!)

    Get more out of your links with robust analytics that show real-time insights and engagement over time.

    Spammy and dysfunctional links are one of the quickest ways to make customers run the other direction. (“While we’re at it, throw some more % signs in that link!”)

    Don’t get stuck with the weakest link.

    BL.INK is your reliable and dynamic short link solution that offers everything you need to maximize customer engagement.

    Get lifetime access to BL.INK today!

    P.S. Learn how to use BL.INK like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    From the founders

    February 04, 2021

    Howdy, Sumo-lings! Greetings from Austin, the true taco capital of the world. I’m Andy, the co-founder and CEO of BL.INK. When we first launched back in 2008, we had no idea how important a link would be to our day-to-day interactions. Fast forward 12 years and the link is what connects us with EVERYTHING!

    BL.INK is a tool you will use every single day and will always need in your back pocket.

    These days, link management is like a hammer. Everybody needs one and they are used to solve all kinds of challenges. Social media, SMS, chatbots, ad campaigns, emails, packaging, QR codes, printed assets, podcasts. The uses are endless and links connect our world.

    The problem is, to make a good link with the right tracking parameters, attribution, and campaign insights, you need a looooooong link. BUT, with BL.INK, you can shorten that link and make it branded, brief, and bright.

    A few examples:

    • Sign up for our webinar (or watch the recording):

    • Read our reviews:

    • AppSumo FAQ:

    • Use multiple domains including base domains:

    • Watch our videos:

    • View our API Documentation:

    There are a ton of short link tools in the market today. Many have come and gone and aren’t built with the kind of flexibility and scalability you need. We’ve been around the block and have the features and functionality that growing businesses need and use daily. BL.INK has many features that you will only find with us. 307 vs 301 redirects, auto-archive and auto-delete functions, collaborate with others with various user types, manage multiple domains, and an incredible API that really shines for developers. Use our native integrations or roll your own.

    We also thrive on customer feedback. We are adding pixel tracking, password protection, and several other cool features later this year. At AppSumo’s request, we spun up a public roadmap page so you can add your own requests and we will share publicly when we’ll launch your favorite features.

    We wanted to make BL.INK accessible to every Sumo-ling on the planet so we dug deep to make the most incredible offer yet. One token unlocks all of our core features and blows away other platforms. Stack up to 5 codes and build your dream solution. It’s honestly a bit ridiculous, but we love Sumo-ling as much as we love tacos (and we really love tacos).

    Lastly, but most importantly, you need a link management system that believes in customer care. Our team supports customers around the world and we love to answer questions, creatively solve challenges, and improve our product through your feedback. Please, post your feedback and questions below. We want to hear from you!

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