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    A script library, teleprompter, and publishing to help you record videos for your clients

    Interested in increasing conversion rates by 80%? How about increasing email open rates by 19%?

    That’s the growth potential you’ll have with video marketing.

    That’s the power of Bodewell.


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    Share thought leadership and client-centric content using video to build trust and confidence
    Maintain personal connections with your clients and prospects in a time-efficient way



    Extend your reach to even wider audiences with video

    Engage, retain, and nurture with video.

    Bodewell's script library, teleprompter wizardry, and publishing magic are your secret sauce for crafting compelling and on-point video messages! By sharing personalized videos, you're not just building credibility; you're dishing out engaging, enlightening content that clients trust.

    Pick from existing scripts, or write your own

    Script. Record. Share. (Yes. We made it that easy.)

    Browse or search and choose from dozens of industry-specific topics, each with a fully prepared, compliance reviewed, and easy-to-edit scripts. Or write your own! Each comes with a ready-to-rock, compliance-vetted script that's a breeze to tweak.

    Share your video across multiple platforms

    Easily edit and customize prepared scripts, or create your own, then go straight to reading and recording your video.

    Once you’ve created your video, it’s yours to share! Share it via email, publish it on Facebook, social media, YouTube, LinkedIn and on your website. Then, you can do it all again.

    Use video to to garner trust with your audience

    Sharing thought leadership and content using video not only positions you as an expert in your field, but also adds value for your viewers, lets you be present in their daily lives, and builds their trust and confidence in you.

    Get lifetime access to Bodewell today!

    From the founders

    First post from Founder

    🎉 Hey Sumo-lings! 🤗

    We're absolutely thrilled to introduce Bodewell to you! It's been a labor of love for nearly a year, and we're over the moon to be rolling it out on AppSumo. 🚀

    Our mission was to create a video ecosystem that empowers people to share their wisdom and ideas with their clients. 🎥🧠 Video has been on the rise for years, and everyone wants to tell their stories and share their knowledge.

    Bodewell was born to make that happen! 🌟

    You can either craft your script or pick one from our collection. 😊 Yes, AI is on the way this Fall, but you can still copy and paste your script right into the platform. 🍂

    Hit that record button with our built-in teleprompter, and let the magic unfold! 📽️🎤

    When you're done, you've got some fantastic options! Share your video on your website using the embed feature, or go wild on social media. 🌐💥

    But wait, there's more! 🌈

    Direct traffic to your very own video gallery, your personal walled garden of knowledge. All your videos are neatly organized there, with no shark attacks, no kittens, and definitely no silly human videos to distract your viewers. 🙅‍♂️🦈🐱🤣

    Of course, here are a couple of fun tips for you! 😄🌟

    1. Need to control your teleprompter's speed? 🚀 You bet you can! After you've polished up your script, it's time to set your teleprompter's tempo. If you want to slow things down, just crank up the font size. 📜⏩

    2. Wondering about the ideal video length? 🕐 We'll keep it simple: Less is more! Your video should aim to be under 3 minutes – that's a must! If you're looking to convey a single brilliant idea, 90 seconds is the sweet spot. 🤓💡

    3. Nervous about recording? 😬 Don't worry; you've got this! The pros make it look easy, but it's okay to feel weird using a teleprompter at first. It's all about practice, practice, practice! After a few tries, you'll be a teleprompter wizard. And remember, SMILE! 😃

    4. Ready to design your video? 🎬 Start from the back and work your way to the front! Set up your background first – an open room or something in the distance behind you. Make sure there are no wires or plants poking out of the top of your head. 🌆🪴

    5. Worried about equipment? 📷🎙️ Good news – you don't really need much! Your trusty Mac or PC can be fantastic tools for recording videos. If you want to up your game, a better camera can widen the shot, and a microphone can help reduce echo. But they're not absolute must-haves. Keep it simple! 🙌🎥

    You're on your way to video success! 🌠✨

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