Brizy Design Kit

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    UI design in way less time with stunning premade site blocks and content

    Designing a website is daunting. And starting from scratch is wayyy more work than it’s worth.

    While recycling old layouts is definitely the easiest option, it stifles creativity and bores clients. (New background color, new website...right?)

    Ready for a FREE kit full of premium site blocks crafted with conversions in mind?

    Introducing Brizy Design Kit.


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    Access over 250 premade site blocks to fast-track web design in Sketch, Invision Studio, and Figma
    Easily customizable layouts built with global styling and symbols
    All stock images and vectors in the kit approved for personal or commercial use



    Brizy Design Kit is a collection of 250+ site block designs and stock content for Sketch, Studio, and Figma that makes design a breeze.

    Say goodbye (and good riddance) to drafting websites from scratch.

    Brizy UI Design Kit has over 250 blocks in nine categories.

    You’ve got Hero Headers for a great first impression, Features for inner page content, Pricing to get down to business, and six more categories to streamline the design process.

    When we say you can make an entire site draft in minutes, we mean it.

    Choose from nine page categories and 250+ blocks to set up your site in no time!

    This design kit also makes sure you’re not stuck with rigid templates by offering a range of customization options.

    After designing your site layout, quickly change typography styles and color schemes to match the site to your vision.

    It’s all as simple as selecting which styles and colors you want, clicking a button, and then watching the changes take effect across the entire site.

    Customizing the typography and color schemes is fast and simple.

    No need to go searching for stock content to fill your freshly designed web pages, either.

    You can use all the kit assets, including images and vector icons, completely free of charge.

    Even better, they’re approved for personal or commercial use, so you can skip the headaches over licensing and royalties, too.

    It’s the perfect bundle for professional web designers to dummy-up content for clients.

    All kit assets are approved for personal and commercial use.

    Brizy UI Design Kit is made for three of the top design tools out there.

    Download the kit and open it in Sketch, InVision Studio, or Figma for hassle-free installation.

    The kit works the same in whichever tool you decide to use, so it all comes down to personal preference.

    With your new superpower of hyperspeed design, your client turnaround rate might just make your head spin.

    Compatible with Sketch, InVision Studio, and Figma for all your site design needs.

    You know your way around UI design, but now you’re looking for the express lane.

    With a catalog full of stylish options ready to be customized, Brizy UI Design Kit is your Bri-ZPass toward speeding through new designs.

    And you’d better believe it’s all for free.

    Get lifetime access today!

    P.S. Learn how to use the Brizy UI Design Kit like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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