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    Plan, run, and recap interactive meetings and breakout sessions packed with engagement tools

    Let's be real, most conferencing tools feel like they were only designed for stuffy board meetings. (Ironic, since we're all wearing sweatpants.)

    Because attendees can't meaningfully interact or collaborate with each other, your meetings feel more like a glorified FaceTime call. 

    Wish you could upgrade your meetings using a platform that’s packed with interactive tools that drive audience engagement?

    Introducing Butter.


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    Add emojis, sound effects, polls, flashcards, and GIFs to make your meetings fun and engaging
    Open tools like Miro, Mural, Google Docs, or YouTube during your video calls



    Butter is a video conferencing platform that lets you plan, host, and recap dynamic meetings people actually want to attend.

    With Butter, you’ll be able to host video meetings that your team will actually want to attend!

    Use emoji reactions, sound effects, polls, flashcards, music, and GIFs to keep everyone engaged during the call.

    Thanks the hand-raising features, you can minimize interruptions and let the host know when someone has a question, comment, or idea to share.

    Engage meeting attendees

    Keep everyone in your meeting engaged with emoji reactions, sound effects, and more!

    Butter makes it a breeze to host any virtual meeting, including workshops, training sessions, weekly standups, and town halls.

    You'll be able to connect to Miro or Mural while running brainstorming sessions, design sprints, and retrospectives.

    Plus, your team can collaborate in Google Docs and watch YouTube without toggling between tons of browser tabs.

    Miro integration

    Use tools like Miro and Google Docs during meetings without leaving the platform.

    Before every call, you can create a timebox-style agenda, set up meeting tools, and add private notes in advance.

    You can even preload tools like polls, breakouts, YouTube videos so you can easily access them during your meetings.

    Because Butter lets you customize waiting rooms with music and GIFs, your meetings are sure to be a blast right from the start.

    Meeting agenda

    Create structured agendas, pre-load tools, and add music to your waiting rooms!

    With Butter, you’ll be able to prepare breakout sessions in advance or create them during the meeting.

    Easily assign tasks, add tools, and create activities for breakout sessions, as well as observe every room without joining them.

    You'll also be able to manage help requests, monitor tasks, reshuffle groups, and broadcast messages to every room.

    Once the session is over, Butter will give you access to all the recordings, chat logs, and more.

    Breakout sessions

    Prepare breakout sessions for your meetings, complete with tasks and activities.

    It's hard to feel connected to your team when your meetings sound like a one-way conversation. (“Please. Someone say something. Anything.")

    Luckily, Butter gives you everything you need to plan, run, and recap meetings that people actually want to attend.

    Run more engaging sessions.

    Get lifetime access to Butter today!

    From the founders

    Butter intro

    Hello Sumo-lings 👋

    I’m Jakob, co-founder and CEO of Butter. It’s like a superpowered Zoom that lets you plan, run and recap meetings from one place. It’s fun and simple to run - and with it, you can run meetings that your teams or clients actually want to attend!

    We’ve been looking forward to launching here and we’re super excited to finally be part of the AppSumo community!

    🧈 Why Butter?

    We started building Butter over 2 years ago, when we ran remote workshops – and quickly found out that it was so hard to do. 😅 

    We discovered two BIG challenges that remote facilitators faced: it’s hard to engage people AND you have to juggle a million tools to plan your agenda, run interactive activities, take notes, use whiteboards like Miro, etc. And that’s just scratching the surface! 

    🔥 Butter: Run more engaging sessions, get better outcomes

    We’ve built Butter to be the most delightful platform that’s packed with interactive tools that keep people engaged. Butter makes it fun to host anything! It’s perfect for workshops, training sessions, weekly standups, town halls, brainstormings, meetups, and more

    It’s built for facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, project managers – people who host sessions regularly and are looking for a better way to run them!

    Here’s what you’d get:

    🥳 Keep participants engaged with emoji reactions, sounds, polls, flashcards, music, videos, GIFs and many more! Give everyone a chance to speak with a hand-raise queue.

    👯‍♀️ Integrations directly in Butter. Collaborate on Miro, MURAL and Google Docs without ever having to switch tabs or share a link in chat.

    ⏱️ Keep your sessions on track with a timeboxed agenda that you can preload with tools and notes

    📝 Collaborate together on notes, and access it together with recordings and chat logs in an easy-to-access recap.

    🚪 Powerful breakouts that you can prep in advance with tasks and tools — and even observe what’s happening without jumping in.

    ⚡️ Get customizable templates from the best facilitators. No need to start sessions from scratch!

    📅 Planning sessions has never been easier. Schedule sessions on Google Calendar directly from Butter. 

    🔮 What’s next

    We’re working on improving our presentation and screenshare experience, growing our template library, and more engagement features to keep people coming back! We ship updates and improvements every few weeks.

    💛 Share your feedback!

    We've had an amazing community of people that have helped shape Butter with us. We know how valuable your feedback is – help make our product even better by telling us what you think!

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