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    Improve the user experience with embeddable no-code web components

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    We tend to rely on our engineers for things beyond their core product, like customer onboarding, product updates, and impromptu personal tech support. (“Could you… fix my niece’s iPhone?”)

    But even at the best software companies, engineering teams are often too busy shipping core features to help colleagues implement customer experience improvements.

    What if you could empower non-developers to build a dream user experience with a no-code, drag-and-drop web component editor?

    Do it with Candu.


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    Create an effective UI in minutes with a drag-and-drop editor that uses your app’s styling to embed responsively
    Alternative to: Pendo and Appcues
    Reduce development costs and free up engineering capacity by empowering customer-facing teams to make in-product changes
    Best for: Product managers, UI designers, and customer and growth teams that want to make UI changes without learning code


    Candu is a drag-and-drop web component editor that helps non-devs build dynamic user experiences using your app’s style guide.

    The days of bribing engineers to make UI changes are over. (You could only make so many trips to Krispy Kreme.)

    Candu makes it easy for designers and non-designers on your team to build UI components that look and feel like they were hardcoded.

    Instead of layering UI on top of your pages, you can improve your product’s frontend with UI components that are injected into the page and fit in responsively to your native application.

    Simply drag and drop your components to build user experiences that power customer onboarding, feature adoption, and much more.

    Drag-and-drop editor

    Use the simple drag-and-drop editor to build user experiences that look and feel like your native application.

    Don’t know where to start? Candu’s got you. (It’s easier than making sourdough, we promise.)

    Choose from a variety of beautiful UI templates for everything from pricing plans and webinar announcements to upgrade CTAs and newsletter announcements.

    Once you’ve found the template you want to start with, click and drag elements like buttons, text boxes, images and more around the canvas until they’re exactly where you want them.

    Candu’s editor syncs with your style guide so you can make the look all your own and ensure that it blends perfectly with your application.

    Templates to build UI components

    Get started building any UI component with a range of easy-to-use templates.

    UI components are a lot like blue jeans: you’ve got to make sure they’re the right fit before you take them out into the world. (And check for mustard stains.)

    With the Candu Chrome extension, you can preview your UI components as if they were already live in your app, allowing you to make any adjustments before going live.

    Still not satisfied? Continue to customize and make it yours with the ability to inject custom code based on your needs.

    Design preview

    Make sure your designs hit the mark before you publish them live!

    If we’ve learned anything from In-N-Out Burger, it’s that there’s success to be found in delivering the right thing to the right customer at the right time. (Even if that time is 2 a.m.)

    With segmentation, Candu allows you to present different content to different users using the same web component.

    Build user segments from any user attribute, personalizing the experience for each user at any part of their journey.

    You can leverage the user data you already have by integrating Candu with Google Tag Manager or Segment CDP.

    Segmented content for different users

    Segment your content to deliver personalized value to different types of users.

    Candu tracks every view and user interaction, letting you quickly learn how your content drives engagement and adoption.

    Generate analytics automatically for every design to A/B test new ideas and see what works best.

    Candu also serves as a Segment "source," so you can pass your user event data directly from Candu to your favorite analytics and marketing automation tools.

    Analytics screen

    Learn how content drives engagement and adoption through in-depth analytics.

    No more waiting for busy engineers to make UI changes you already know will make a big difference for your customers. (“Hear us out—puppies on the dashboard.”)

    Candu makes it easy for non-developers to build the user experience their customers want without learning to code.

    It’s as simple as drag, drop, done!

    Get lifetime access to Candu today!

    From the founders

    May 11, 2021

    Want to get Candu in less than 60 seconds? Watch our intro video:

    👋 Hi! I'm Jonathan & this is Candu. We’ve been building Candu for 2 years, and we are so excited to share it with Sumo-lings!

    It was crazy to me that I could whip up a wedding website with a drag-and-drop web editor, but I couldn’t change a button in my product. We created Candu for everyone who wants to tinker with UI without begging their dev team for help.

    Unlike guide products like Pendo and Appcues, Candu components embed responsively into the page (bye-bye, pop-ups). They look like a native part of the UI but can be easily updated with a drag-and-drop editor.

    Candu enables people who can’t code to build UI. What can you do with Candu?

    ✅ Onboard new users with a personalized checklist

    ✅ Promote new features, events, and anything else with in-app announcements

    ✅ Embed contextual how-to content throughout your product

    Sometimes Candu gets confused as a website builder, like Webflow or Wix. Unlike a website builder, Candu enables anyone to add UI to web pages that are already built. If you’re already working with developers, this is your chance to add no-code components and break free of the development cycle.

    Because Candu’s no-code components help users onboard and discover new features, Candu is often compared with guide solutions like Pendo or Appcues. Unlike pop-over tools, Candu doesn’t cover up your UI or interrupt users. Instead, Candu adds content responsively to the page.

    It’s like magic 🎩

    We believe everyone can bring joy to their user experience with no-code UI components. The Frontend will never look back.

    Like where we’re headed? Weigh in on our roadmap! Visit us at:

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