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    Create your own app icons with AI in 3 easy steps

    Create beautiful, royalty-free app icons from text in three clicks.

    CandyIcons turns your ideas into reality using the latest AI technology (DALL·E 3).

    Describe your icon in a few words, choose your colors and style, and watch the magic happen!


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    Quickly and easily generate app icons with AI
    Browse a library of available icons, or create your own icons in many styles



    The icon generator is super simple to use.

    Tired of paying big money, waiting forever, and getting results that are meh at best?

    Time to let CandyIcons do the hard work.

    1. Describe your icon in a few words
    2. Choose the colors you wish to use
    3. Select one of 15 styles for your brand-new icon
    4. Generate!

    Sit back, relax, and be impressed!

    Compliment your generated icon with a matching favicon.

    No app is complete without a matching favicon.

    Use our free favicon generator to create rounded, circular, or square favicons (zero credit cost).

    Perfect for all Apple devices.

    Get your icon in perfect sizes for all Apple devices, completely free!

    Who even has time to resize manually? Add your new Candy icon, select formats, and download.

    Get lifetime access to CandyIcons today!

    From the founders



    Your icon gallery

    Hey Sumolings, Paul here again! 👋

    The icon gallery is now live!

    For easier icon access, we have developed an icon gallery which is located in your dashboard.

    To access it, open your dashboard and click on ‘open your icon gallery’. There, you’ll see all the icons generated previously. Here’s how it works:

    1. Hover over an icon to see the prompt used to create it.
    2. Left-click (tap on mobile) an icon to go directly to the download page.
    3. Right-click (long hold on mobile) an icon to open the submenu where you can favorite or remove an icon.
    4. Favorite an icon from the right-click menu to add it to the ‘Favorites ♡’ tab for quick access.
    5. Remove an icon from the right-click menu to delete it from the gallery permanently.

    That’s it, let us know how you like this new feature 🍬

    Speak again soon,


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