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    Leverage Facebook Messenger and build high-impact, fully automated chatbot sequences

    Trying to reach qualified leads is about as easy as delivering a Hogwarts acceptance letter to Harry Potter. (Thanks a lot, Uncle Vernon.)

    The key is having the right conversations that prospects will actually engage with, but you don’t always have the time or resources to connect with every potential lead.

    Automate these conversations through the power of chatbots, boosting sales, increasing profitability, and nurturing your relationships.

    Meet Chatmatic.


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    Build automated Facebook Messenger and Instagram sequences
    Alternative to: Manychat
    Create and cultivate leads across platforms while selling more products through quality conversations
    Best for: Marketing agencies with clients looking to monetize subscribers faster and SMBs that want to automate list building


    Chatmatic is an all-in-one chatbot solution that allows you to create, develop, and monetize high-value subscribers across multiple chat-based platforms.

    Chatbots may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “easy automation,” but Chatmatic makes the process simple.

    Build powerful lead generating sequences for Facebook Messenger without the nightmarish learning curve.

    You can start with a sequence template or use the drag-and-drop builder to build and customize your message-based sequences.

    Once you’ve built the sequence, you’ll be able to customize the data and personalize the response for each message.

    Message builder

    The message builder allows you to customize the data and response from each message.

    Juggling tons of different conversations in Facebook Messenger can be time-consuming and confusing. (Much like that chaotic group text you never wanted to be part of.)

    Chatmatic helps you scale these conversations with automated trigger messages based on what the user does or says.

    With the comment trigger feature, you can also transform a mass amount of leads into conversations by turning comments on your Facebook posts into Messenger conversations.

    Whether you want to run ads, place a button on your site, have a chat widget on your order page, or reply to all your Facebook comments, you can make it all happen with triggers.

    Message triggers

    Create message triggers of all kinds to send every lead down a unique marketing path!

    Chatmatic equips you with all the tools you need to optimize your messages and campaigns.

    The workflows tab displays stats on each message in the workflow to determine which messages are converting and which aren’t. (“Show me the mon-- er, data!”)

    When you run marketing campaigns, you can also access in-depth, easy-to-understand data displays on the campaign dashboard to help you optimize your campaigns.

    Chatbot messaging sequence

    Quickly and easily check statistics on each message in your drag-and-drop sequences.

    If Taylor Swift’s re-recorded Fearless (Taylor’s Version) has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel for magic to happen.

    The same is true with chatbot sequences. You can find and buy an existing sequence template that works with your goals in Chatmatic’s robust template marketplace.

    You’ll also be able to publish your own sequence templates directly to the marketplace and sell them to other users while keeping 50% of the sale’s revenue.

    Chatmatic template marketplace

    Buy and sell chatbot sequence templates in Chatmatic’s robust marketplace!

    As your company scales, you’ll need a faster and more efficient way to build better customer relationships and grow your list of leads.

    Using Chatmatic is like having your very own lead gen expert working for you in Facebook Messenger 24/7. (Except without violating any labor laws.)

    Take charge of your lead generation and conversion efforts with customized chatbot sequences that let you do more faster.

    Get lifetime access to Chatmatic today!

    From the founders

    June 28, 2021

    Hey Sumo-lings!

    I’m Travis, Founder and CEO of Chatmatic, and I’m incredible excited to introduce you all to Chatmatic.

    Chatmatic is a messaging automations platform tied to Messenger that allows you to create meaningful sequences that generate subscribers, indoctrinate those subscribers, and ultimately generate more sales.

    We built Chatmatic with agency owners and small businesses in mind. We know just how valuable subscribers are to your business, and we also know what it’s like to have to learn something new… so we tried to make it as simple as possible.

    Our platform was born from the idea that conversational leads are more valuable than “billboard” or website leads. Getting someone to opt in through a website is passive, and the only way to reach them afterwards is in email which is getting worse open rates by the day. With Messenger you can collect email and SMS information while also creating a Messenger subscriber who can be reached again in the future.

    Chatmatic allows you to:

    - Create in depth lead generation workflows that take full advantage of the Messenger “24 hour rule” of marketing to your subscribers…

    - Leverage the power of SMS directly inside the workflows themselves without needing any Integrations

    - Take full advantage of all of the Messenger (and soon Instagram) entry points, making it easy to get subscribers for LITERALLY any business

    - Have live chat conversations with your subscribers inside of our platform

    - Integration, via web hook for now, with any outside platform (or through our Zapier app) to send any information you collect to your CRM or autoresponder in real time

    - Collect valuable pieces of data about your subscribers that allow you to market more directly to then and ultimately create “better” subscribers.

    - Leverage our image and gif API’s that give you access to millions of royalty free images and gifs DIRECTLY in the message builder so you can make more engaging sequences

    - Add “Admins” to any page so if you have VA’s or someone from your team that needs access they will not have to request permission from Facebook, just through our platform.

    - Create and monetize as MANY SUBSCRIBERS as you want as you’ll never be charged more regardless of how many subscribers you get

    - Manage multiple fan pages from within one dashboard

    - Create/ Manage/ and Sell Custom templates via our Marketplace system where you keep 50% of all revenue generated.

    We are putting you, your team, and your clients in a position to capitalize on the best source of leads… CONVERSATIONS!

    But what we have now is JUST THE BEGINNING.. look for new platforms *Cough* Instagram *Cough* to be rolled our soon and check our roadmap for more info

    Travis Stephenson

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