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    Use this review management software to help agency clients collect and manage reviews

    Getting clients to ask their customers for reviews can feel like convincing your bestie to talk to their crush. (“I’ve seen how they look at your site. They like you!”)

    Since review signals are such a big part of SEO, your clients aren’t going to rank at the top without collecting and responding to customer feedback.

    If only there was a platform that let your clients gather reviews and manage campaigns across multiple channels on one feed.

    Jump into Climbo.


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    Manage clients, create custom plans, and customize this software with your branding
    Allow clients to request reviews, filter out negative feedback, and share winning reviews on their website and socials



    Climbo is a review management software that helps agencies request, manage, and share online reviews for clients.

    Designed for reselling

    As a SaaS for agencies, Climbo lets you create custom plans to offer different feature packages to clients.

    • Customize the platform with your brand colors and agency logo
    • Add clients and give them login credentials for their own private accounts
    • Easily pause, reactivate, or delete client accounts over time as needs change

    Agency client dashboard

    Add and manage all your agency clients from one dashboard.

    Seamless integrations

    You can integrate Climbo with popular review platforms, including Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Yelp.

    • Request reviews via link, QR code, SMS, email, or WhatsApp message and filter out negative feedback
    • Help clients earn 4-star and 5-star reviews and video testimonials on Google
    • Use private, negative feedback to fix ongoing issues and improve customer service

    Client review link

    Your clients can request reviews just by sending a simple link.

    Get more reviews

    Climbo’s intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for clients to set up review campaigns without reinventing the wheel.

    • Send review reminders every 3 to 7 days to stay top of mind and collect more feedback
    • Use customizable templates and add customer contact info to launch review campaigns

    Review campaigns

    Climbo’s simple interface lets your clients set up review campaigns and send timely reminders.

    Manage your reviews

    Best of all, Climbo lets your clients centralize reviews from every site, including private feedback and video testimonials, all on one feed.

    • Read and respond to every review without logging into other platforms
    • Use AI to generate professional replies to reviews, boosting your pages on Google
    • Share reviews on your website, Facebook, and Instagram pages with auto-generated posts for social proof

    AI review response

    Give clients a centralized place to read reviews and respond with AI.

    With Climbo, you can give all your agency clients the tools they need to collect, manage, and respond to reviews across multiple platforms.

    Help your clients climb to the top.

    Get lifetime access to Climbo today!

    From the founders

    A message from Climbo

    Hello Sumo-lings! 👋

    I'm Giacomo, co-founder & CEO of Climbo. Climbo is the first review management software designed for reselling.

    We all know the importance of online reviews in terms of SEO, rankings, and conversion, so how can you help your clients to get reviews consistently, without offering a done-for-you service?

    Offer Climbo! Climbo helps your clients, small local businesses, easily get more reviews, manage reviews quickly, and share reviews online. All the processes related to review management are in a single spot, with a super easy interface your clients will enjoy.

    The AppSumo deal allows you to resell the platform to unlimited clients, with no cap!

    If you need a fully white-label solution with your domain on top, you can explore our premium plans inside the platform.

    So, agency owner, marketer, online entrepreneur, start offering Climbo to clients, bringing concrete results, so you can retain them longer!

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