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    Columns - transform your data into compelling visual stories.

    Columns is the AI storyteller for your data. This LTD is for Premium access on Columns.

    Q: What is the difference compared to BI tools like Tableau?

    A: Columns helps you analyze and visualize your data into a beautiful story.

    Q: What data can we work with?

    A: Structured data in most used formats, name a few - Notion, Airtable, G-Sheet, CSV/TSV, SQL database, etc.

    Q: Do you want to design your visual presentation?

    A: It's not just a chart, the design tools allow you to style every single element in the canvas, like Canva.

    Q: Do you want to share your story with different scopes?

    A: Our fine-grained access control gives you full flexibility to share or publish your data story.

    Q: Are Columns stories embeddable?

    A: Columns is fully embeddable and auto-updatable to keep your story in sync with your data.


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    Columns + AI - your future AI data storyteller.
    Quick preview of your workspace
    Do the data communication in one place without seeking multiple tools.
    Be creative to tell your data story.
    Enjoy the free and easy integrations you may have - Slack, Snowflake, etc.

    From the founders


    Shawn Cao


    Build the future AI storyteller of your data


    Thank you for stopping by here and let Columns be your future data storyteller with no other tools.

    Columns is created to fulfill the mission to make sense of the data we access to get our daily job done. No matter whether you're a business leader or an insight communicator, Columns could be the ultimate tool that makes your life easier. Through a normal data storytelling process, Columns

    1. Connects your data lively.
    2. Discover insights in your data.
    3. Transform your data into a visual graph.
    4. Save and share your story through links or embeddings.

    Fundamentally, it is a generic data analytics tool that builds charts. But it's beyond a chart builder, a chart is just a core component on Columns Canvas where you can customize and design all visual elements to make your story beautiful and insightful. No matter whether you're using spreadsheets, services like Notion or Airtable, data files, or databases, you will find Columns work with them all in the same way, in scale. We should not worry about where our data is located or how big they are.

    Above, we have touched on the basic context of what Columns are, but what is the future?

    The future of Columns is to become your AI storyteller for your data. Just imagine that, connect your data, and with just a few clicks, you will generate a playable video or presentation that automatically talks about the insights in your data, in a beautiful visual format.

    We run LTD sales to gain early supporters. Support us to make the dream true. As an LTD buyer today, you gain "Premium" access to Columns forever. There will be no new features that are limited to you in the future. If you believe in the vision of Columns, consider joining us! I hope you ride with us toward the future of the AI data storyteller.

    Shawn Cao

    Founder of Columns

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