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    Use this collaboration tool to chat and share comments on digital products

    Without the right tool, sharing comments about web and app projects can feel like a bad game of charades. (“Wait, is that the sign for movie or the sign for embedding a YouTube video?”)

    And since explaining issues often involves chains of messages, screenshots, and Zoom meetings, it can take a hot minute before any changes are made.

    If only there was a tool that let stakeholders collaborate on your web page or app, so you knew exactly what to change.

    Meet Commented.


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    Use annotation tools to circle, highlight, and add visual examples of anything
    Embed comments anywhere on your website or mobile app to communicate with your team, clients, and other stakeholders



    Commented lets your team collaborate directly on live apps and web pages, streamlining the entire review process.

    With Commented, you can embed comments on any website element, making it a cinch to share comments and request changes.

    You can mention team members in your comments, inviting them to reply directly on the webpage—no more toggling between your site and Slack or email!

    Because comments won’t disappear when you refresh the page, you don’t have to worry about losing critical info when you log out for the day.

    Embed comments

    Embed comments into any web elements to collaborate more effectively.

    Commented is also packed with built-in AI, so you can revise your web copy in seconds using variations in different writing styles.

    You’ll also be able to perform grammar and spelling checks to keep your content free of typos.

    Even better, you can fine-tune suggestions with a prompt to help the AI nail your brand voice from the get-go.

    A.I. suggestions

    Use AI to quickly revise your web copy and catch any missed typos.

    Got a suggestion that’s hard to put into words? Explain your ideas visually with Commented’s annotation features.

    You can draw shapes, add emojis, embed images, and more using a handy floating toolbar that lets you mark up the page.

    This is super useful for web design agencies working with clients who might not have the tech vocabulary to say what they want.


    Express your ideas visually with a variety of annotation tools.

    Best of all, Commented can integrate with thousands of tools via Zapier, allowing you to fit it into your automated workflow.

    You can also integrate directly with Slack for two-way communication, so Slack replies will sync into Commented threads and vice versa.

    Once you integrate with Linear or Notion, you’ll get access to a full conversation history to keep track of your ongoing issues—all in one place.


    Integrate with Slack, Notion, and Zapier to get more out of your online collaboration.

    Trying to guess what people want might be a cool party trick, but it’s a terrible design strategy. (“Turns out not everyone loves Gen Z Purple. Especially when they’re not Gen Z.”)

    Lucky for you, Commented lets everyone leave embedded comments, visual annotations, and AI-powered copy suggestions right on your web pages and apps.

    Leave clearer feedback.

    Get lifetime access to Commented today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    🚀 Hello Sumo-lings! 👋

    I'm Hakan, the co-founder of Commented, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our AppSumo deal! 🎉

    About Us:

    Commented was born out of the need for seamless collaboration on digital projects. As a team deeply embedded in the world of design and development, we experienced firsthand the challenges of effective communication. That's why we built Commented — to revolutionize how teams interact with their digital projects. Commented adds commenting and chat features into your digital projects in seconds.

    What Sets Us Apart:

    Commented is a catalyst for efficient collaboration. Our unique blend of real-time commenting, Mobile SDK and AI-powered suggestions sets us apart from the rest. We believe that every piece of communication matters, and that's reflected in the core philosophy of Commented that’s why we are the fastest and easiest way to enable communication on your digital product.

    Key Features & Use Cases:

    Whether you're a developer, designer, project manager, or a part of any team, Commented makes communication possible directly within your live websites, web, and mobile apps. Precise commenting, intelligent AI suggestions, on the spot chats, stamps, custom branding, on-screen annotation and the ability to turn conversation history into tasks effortlessly are some of the key features of Commented.

    Global Support:

    We're excited to support Sumo-lings worldwide!

    Looking Ahead:

    We're committed to continuous improvement, and our public roadmap is your backstage pass to upcoming features. Check out our roadmap.

    🌐 Join us on this journey of transforming collaboration! 🌐

    Feel free to reach out for any questions, and let's make this collaboration experience exceptional!



    Co-Founder, Commented

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