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    Organize content ideas and AI-generated keywords on digital whiteboards

    Brainstorming content ideas without a visual aid is like trying to decorate your new apartment during a blackout. (“It's all coming together... probably...”)

    Even after days of research, keyword digging, and brainstorming, you still need to figure out how to make sense of it all.

    What if you had a digital whiteboard packed with AI-generated keyword suggestions, so you could organize all your ideas in one place?

    Introducing ContextMinds.


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    Research, organize, and visualize your content ideas and keyword research with user-friendly mind maps
    Leverage an endless stream of AI-generated topics, keyword suggestions, SERP results, and academic research


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    ContextMinds helps you visually organize your content ideas and AI-generated keyword suggestions.

    With ContextMinds, you can use a virtual whiteboard to organize your content ideas into mind maps, outlines, and boards.

    Automatically get AI-generated topics and keywords in real time, along with stats on search volume and keyword difficulty.

    You’ll be able to drag and drop any of these suggestions anywhere on the whiteboard and group them as needed.

    Mind map

    Create a visual mind map for web or blog content with AI-suggested topics and keywords.

    Thanks to your AI research assistant, you can dive into the deep end of your research by clicking on any topic or keyword.

    That’s where you’ll discover keyword metrics, SERP results, and related academic papers.

    Once you map out the topics, send your map as a prompt to ChatGPT and start generating content right away. 

    Saved notes

    Generate content directly from your maps. 

    You can share mind maps with clients or teammates to align everyone on the content strategy, site map, or visual outline.

    Just export your map as a PDF, PNG, SVG, or text document to let your team access it anywhere, anytime.

    Or share a link that anyone can open—without spending a penny on another ContextMinds account. (All they need is a free account to copy and edit the mind map!)

    Share links

    Share links to your mind maps with anyone—even if they don’t have a paid ContextMinds account!

    Best of all, ContextMinds saves and learns everything you create! That means you’ll never lose another content idea again.

    Thanks to the power of AI, you can find topics and keywords from previous maps and immediately access all the pinned notes and resources.

    These related keyword and topic suggestions are always available to your entire team, as well as within your own workspace.

    Archived content ideas

    ContextMinds saves every single content idea so you can revisit topics and keywords!

    AI doesn’t sound too bad when it’s helping you nail your content strategy every single time. (“If it’s not gonna run the world, it might as well help us run our blog.”)

    Thanks to ContextMinds, you can generate SEO-optimized content ideas in minutes and keep everything organized in one place.

    Brainstorm smarter.

    Get lifetime access to ContextMinds today!

    From the founders

    From the Founder

    🎉 Great news, Sumolings! Thanks to your continuous support, we are bringing you "ContextMinds 2.0," with a redesigned, more intuitive UI created based on your feedback. Of course, existing buyers are getting the upgrade automatically.

    👇 Scroll down to learn what's new! But, if you are new to ContextMinds, read about our mission first.

    🤔 So, what's so special about ContextMinds? 

    It helps break down information overload, ensuring your content is easily digestible. You will quickly get oriented in all the trends and insights relevant to your field. ContextMinds employs advanced algorithms to sift through vast amounts of data, presenting critical insights for your content creation. By organizing information into manageable chunks, it streamlines your research process, saving you time and effort. This tool not only enhances your productivity but also promotes a deeper understanding of complex topics. With ContextMinds, you can stay updated on the latest developments without feeling overwhelmed. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features cater to your specific needs, making it a valuable asset for professionals across various industries. 

    ContextMinds' feature is its ability to suggest new topics, metrics, or keywords you should consider for your content. It also helps you understand what questions people are asking about your topic. All this seamlessly occurs as you research, plan, and map your topics and keywords. 

    It serves as a central hub for content creation, offering tools for research, brainstorming, planning, and visualizing content ideas for individuals and teams looking to structure their content effectively. 

    ContextMinds is a valuable tool that simplifies research, making content creation more manageable and enjoyable.

    Now, even more so with the vastly improved UI!

    🆕 🎁 And what´s new in ContextMinds 2.0?

    (We codename it "Finn," after my dog :-) 

    ➡️ More Intuitive UI for Easier Research 🔎 and Faster 🏎️ Mind Mapping 

    We integrated all AI and data sources into one sidebar with a search box that is always at your service. You can search and get suggestions anytime without hiding the map and losing context. And once the inspiration starts flowing, you can branch out from any topic with one click or even faster with hotkeys.

    ➡️ Improved Keyword Metrics 📊  – KeywordsEverywhere Added! 

    In addition to SpyFu, you can now see keyword metrics from, which aggregates data from Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and more.

    ➡️ Enhanced ChatGPT Integration ⚙️

    Finally, you can not only generate content from your mind map but also refine it by chatting with the AI as you are used to. You can ask it anything you need and easily drag the answer to your map or pin it to notes. Soon, you will also be able to generate the map itself!

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