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    Streamline your security with CoSync - the smartest way to get authentication done in minutes

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    In the digital age, where data breaches are more common than ever, CoSync emerges as a beacon of security for companies aiming to safeguard their data without sacrificing control.

    With CoSync, compliance and data privacy go hand in hand, providing a seamless way to keep user data secure while adhering to strict privacy regulations.

    Got an app? Got users? You need username and password authentication.

    Introducing the Game-Changer for User Authentication & Identity Management

    Tired of dealing with complex authentication setups? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to CoSync Auth! 🔒


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    Secure and control your data with CoSync's robust, self-hosted solution, designed for scalability and compliance
    Save time and streamline app integration with CoSync's customizable authentication features



    Empower your security and data control with CoSync - the future of self-hosted authentication.

    🔑 Out-of-the-Box Authentication

    No more headaches. CoSync offers a seamless setup that's super easy. Low-code? Check. Quick setup? Double-check. Plus, you're in control with it being self-hosted.

    💪 Streamline Security

    This isn't just another solution – it's your security wingman. It's robust, affordable, and open-source. It's like having your own personal fortress for your apps.

    ⏰ More Time, Less Stress

    With CoSync Auth handling the heavy lifting, you can finally breathe easy. Spend less time worrying about authentication, and more time polishing your product.

    ⚡ Features that Pack a Punch

    CoSync isn't just about authentication – it's a powerhouse of features. Multi-factor authentication? Yep! User metadata and profiles? You got it. They even throw in email templates and language localization.

    💰 Affordable Flexibility

    Worried about breaking the bank? Don't sweat it. CoSync offers flexible plans that grow with you. Say goodbye to sky-high costs and hello to saving some serious dough as you scale up.

    🕒 Save Time, Get Started Today

    Integration? It’s easy. CoSync Auth slides right into your apps in minutes, not months. So why wait? Start simplifying your life and supercharging your security today.

    Seamlessly integrate CoSync into your apps, streamlining authentication without compromising flexibility.

    CoSync doesn’t just offer an auth tool; it’s a comprehensive platform equipped with essential features like email templates, authentication flows, and language localization to meet the diverse needs of developers. It’s open-source, easy to install, and designed to blend into your apps, ensuring you spend less time worrying about authentication and more time enhancing your product.

    Dive into the future of secure, scalable, and customizable authentication with CoSync.

    CoSync understands the complexities of modern-day authentication needs and delivers a solution that’s not just about security but also about enhancing user engagement and operational efficiency.

    Take charge of your authentication with CoSync, and let’s redefine what it means to be secure and user-centric in the digital world.

    Get lifetime access today and take the first step towards a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly authentication experience.

    From the founders

    From the founders

    Hey Sumo-ling community!

    This is Richard, Co-Founder at My team and I are excited to share CoSync Auth with you all!

    I have been a software entrepreneur for the past 20 years and have extensive experience designing and shipping industrial strength software, with a strong focus on real-time databases and collaborative user interfaces.

    CoSync Auth is a simple service that goes beyond the basics to deliver on the features that teams/developers need, such as MFA, user identity, custom metadata, email templates, authentication flows, language localization, and more!

    Save time, money, and maintain control with CoSync - get lifetime access to CoSync Auth today!

    My team and I will be more than happy to support you, so let us know if you have any questions.


    Richard & the CoSync Team

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