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    Instantly share your screen to any device or browser during sales calls to convert more leads

    With hard-to-reach prospects, your average elevator pitches aren’t going to cut it. (“Does *everyone* work on the first floor??”)

    But the tools that personalize your outreach are riddled with so many technical difficulties, your leads eventually just tune out.

    What if you could add real-time visual aids to your sales calls and ramp up your lead gen, without any tech delays?

    Welcome to CrankWheel.


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    Share your screen to any device or browser during sales calls—no downloads or setup required for the viewer
    After a session, automatically redirect viewers to landing pages that upsell services, request reviews, or collect sign-ups



    CrankWheel lets you instantly share your screen to any device or browser, without any downloads or setup required.

    CrankWheel makes it easy to add high-quality visuals to any call instantly—and it works on any device or browser.

    To get started, just choose what you want to screen share: a single browser tab, program window, or your entire screen.

    Got a bad connection? CrankWheel works through connectivity issues, so you never have to worry about dropping calls and losing leads.

    Screen sharing

    Share your whole screen, specific programs, or browser tabs during calls.

    With downloads, meeting codes, and complicated setups out of the way, you can start screen sharing with anyone hassle-free.

    Simply send a link, email, text, or say your personal link out loud for your customers to join from any device.

    CrankWheel also lets you add a call-to-action button to your website, so agents can call inbound leads the moment they start filling out a contact form.

    Meeting invite

    Join meetings from any device or browser without downloading anything!

    Get a live preview of what your viewer sees, so you can keep your customers’ attention and navigate bad connections.

    You’ll be able to track the viewer’s mouse movements in real time and get notifications if they stop engaging with the screen.

    Plus, you can grant your viewer remote control of the screen share, letting them point, click, and type from anywhere.

    Preview window

    Capture your viewer’s POV and track their real-time engagement during calls.

    CrankWheel lets you redirect prospects to landing pages that can upsell services, request reviews, and even collect sign-ups.

    Add personalized videos and custom conversational forms on your website or in sales emails to cut through the noise.

    And with CrankWheel’s integrations, you’ll be able to capture leads in your own CRM and retarget them with future offers.

    Redirect pages

    Redirect viewers to a landing page of your choice automatically after each call.

    When leads are already skeptical, technical difficulties are the nail in the coffin for your sales calls. (“Remember to leave us an obituary–I mean, review!”)

    Thankfully, CrankWheel’s frictionless screen sharing experience is designed to work on any device or browser—no installs required.

    Share on the fly.

    Get lifetime access to CrankWheel today!

    From the founders

    From the Founders

    Hi Sumolings,

    I’m Jói, the CEO and founder of CrankWheel. Me and my co-founder, Gilsi, created CrankWheel to make the sales process faster and easier for sales agents.

    With CrankWheel, agents make themselves and their material seen over the phone. The prospect can view from the comfort of anywhere. And they can view it on any device - desktop, mobile or their car. They can even join an audio conference directly from their browser for cases where that’s more convenient.

    CrankWheel does not require the viewer to download, register or set up any bloatware on their devices. Which means that the salesperson can focus on their pitch instead of wasting time troubleshooting the customer through technical issues.

    Different use cases:

    Insurance agents build trust early in the conversation by showing their licenses and visually comparing different plans on the call.

    Solar sales agents show prospects how much energy their rooftops can generate and compare different payment options.

    Selling services and solutions to hard-to-reach prospects such as small business owners and tradespeople.

    Onboarding and customer success.

    Important features:

    • Instant Screen Sharing - share your screen to any device within seconds
    • Remote Control - hand the control of your screen over to the viewer
    • Screen Recorder - record your screen and/or your webcam and upload it to the cloud.
    • (NEW!) Web audio (BETA) - while CrankWheel is primarily designed for use within an ongoing phone call, in scheduled meetings you can have all participants join using web-based audio
    • Instant Lead capture - deliver leads, while they are filling out the contact form to your sales team
    • Screen share videos - stream HQ videos in a screen sharing session.
    • Post-meeting redirect - redirect viewers to any website for upsell or to gather reviews

    The value you might find

    • Show your value proposition over the phone
    • Sales calls without friction and frustration
    • Higher closing rates
    • Faster response time to incoming requests
    • Scheduled meetings without any hassle
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