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    Export your tech vetting process as a link and speed up your hiring with AI

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    The number 1 reason why modern tech recruiting is so slow is due to a lack of a clear selection pipeline in the recruiting process.

    Craydia is here to change that.


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    For Businesses: Save up to 50% of recruiting time by automating what's tedious
    For Recruiters: Import CVs and get automatic match and scoring against new jobs



    Speed up your hiring with the power of AI -- thanks to Craydia.

    Empower your vetting process with AI through a simple SAAS that allows you to create a pipeline with surveys, meetings, and assessments in less then 5 minutes.

    Best yet: they're all sharable with a link!

    Send over the link to your applicants or post it on job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed.

    Using Craydia is as easy as the flow chart above.

    Get notified when you need to take action and easily track the status of applications.

    Your applicants will be able to set up custom values like the way they prefer to be directly contacted (WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or email).

    Their CV and other job-related data for you will also always be easily accessible.

    Get access to Craydia today!

    From the founders

    Hey I'm Leo Founder @ Craydia!

    Hey, Sumolings!

    This is Leonardo Placanica Founder @ Craydia!

    I've spent the last 5 years being a Freelance Software Engineer and 1 year in Recruiting so I was part and driver of many recruiting processes directly involving me or someone else getting recruited in a company I was working for!

    After I while I started noticed 2 things:

    1) Companies were hiring unfitting people due to a lack of a clear validation pipeline

    2) Recruiters couldn't quickly get already interviewed applicants as early fits for new a job opportunity

    That led to 2 big problems:

    1) Turnover was very high (sometime the company got killed by it)

    2) Recruiters needed to do the scouting job starting from 0 even if they already had a huge database sitting there

    And that's why we built Craydia!

    The goal is to allow a company to quickly create a Talent Assessment pipeline (so that we don't have time is no longer and excuse) semi generated trough job position infos!

    But also to allow Recruiters to quickly make sense of their existing database (import CVs) when scouting for a new job thanks to our AI based database selection feature!

    Take a look at the video for a quick Demo!

    We want LTD users to gain access and usage of our platform to grow towards a bulletproof maturity of the product and to gain insights over what's working and what is missing to improve the product over weekly release cycles!

    You can expect a super responsive support team aiming to answer every message within 8 hours!


    What are AI Points?

    Is no secret that AI features have big running costs and we sadly can't offer them in an unlimited form to LTD users but only to subscription users. Nonetheless the offer we have is very generous considering that 1 AI Points gets deducted every time an API call involves 1 AI feature

    Can I integrate my ATS?

    Yes! Just send us a request or leave a comment and we will implement your ATS! Currently working to implement LinkedIn, Crelate and PCRecruiter. It requires time since we have to agree with the ATS for an integration.

    You can contact us here

    You can contact me personally here

    If you want to leave a feature request please do so here!

    Or you can also leave a comment!

    Cheers! Leo Founder @ Craydia

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