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    With over 60 templates (still increasing), you can generate social media, Google, sales texts, and much more. 💸💸💸

    1. Choose the right AI Assistant for you, as several presets are ready to use.

    2. Enter the name of your product and a short description (1-2 lines) of your product or service as input.

    3. Let the AI do the work for you and you'll be surprised at just how good the results will be.

    - Save a lot of time ⌚
    - Save money and costs 🤑
    - Get fast new ideas 💡
    - Boost ad conversions 🚀
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    Overview - The AI Writing Tool - The AI Writing Tool - The AI Writing Tool - The AI Writing Tool - The AI Writing Tool

    From the founders

    June 20, 2022

    Hey Sumo-lings!

    My name is Simon, founder of - the A.I. write helper, that saves you lot of time and costs. ⏰ 💵

    I created because I wanted to make a product that I would actually use myself. And I'm happy to say that I do! ☺️

    If you're looking for a writing tool that can make your life easier, is the way to go. 💪

    However, I want to be honest with you. We are pretty new on the market and far from perfect. But we are constantly working hard to improve so we can deliver an amazing product that you will love as much as we do. 🤩

    We have big plans and are currently working on image creation, wizards (blog, pages, etc), seo features and also plugins for integrations with popular CMS such as WordPress. Much more is on the roadmap. Stay tuned! 📢

    So join us and become a creaitor! ☺️

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