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    Build engaging, interactive pop-ups for your Elementor site

    Just like food selfies and makeup tutorials, pop-ups are a part of life in the digital age.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to fall in line with the same boring ads everyone else is running (“Click here for a special offer similar to twenty other offers!”)

    Now there’s a new way to engage potential customers while boosting your bottom line.

    Introducing the Interactive Popup Bundle for Elementor by Crocoblock.


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    Build your own pop-ups from scratch without writing a single line of code
    Add unique interactions and animations to turn pop-ups into an engaging game
    Create and customize any piece of content (contact forms, pricing tables, image carousels, etc.) with 52 JetPlugins widgets
    Best for: WP site owners and marketers that want to create fun, interactive pop-ups


    The Interactive Popup Bundle by Crocoblock allows you to create and customize interactive popups via Elementor in minutes.

    You’ll be ready to create your pop-ups straight out of the gate with Crocoblock’s Interactive Pop-Up Library.

    Pick from over 50 premade templates to get started, with new templates added to the library all the time.

    The search feature lets you sort by holidays or other criteria to find exactly what you need – fast.

    From there, it’s a quick trip through the customization process to make your pop-up...well, pop.

    Choose from over 50 pre-made templates in the Interactive Pop-up Library!

    The fun part begins when you start making the pop-up your own.

    Customize up to seven possible pop-up interactions including scratch-off, peel-away, slide-out, or the classic click-and-go.

    With these charming interactions, you’ll get users engaged and increase the likelihood they’ll take advantage of your offer (once you pop-up, you just can’t stop...up.).

    Customize pop-up interactions to charm users and increase engagement!

    You can also alter the pop-up triggers to make them display for certain criteria, including user actions.

    Make your message appear when the user scrolls down, tries to exit the page, or even clicks on a certain page area.

    Crocoblock gives you full control over display animations, too.

    Choose how you want to grab their attention with options to make your message rotate, fade, slide-up, and more (🎶Sliiide to the left! One pop this time!🎶).

    Get complete control of pop-up animations to draw users’ attention.

    Wanna build your own pop-up? No problem.

    Crocoblock makes it super easy to drag-and-drop what you need into a unique ad.

    Grab the blocks you want from the sidebar and then customize them to your liking in just a few clicks.

    The JetElements and JetPopup plugins, included in the Interactive Popup Bundle, help you with layouts and content for your shiny new ads.

    Build your own interactive pop-up from scratch for ultimate customization!

    Pop-ups are one of the many WordPress features that are easy to do, but difficult to do well.

    Don’t drive away visitors with overused, flat ads. (If they wanted something they’d seen a thousand times, they’d watch The Office.)

    With interactive messages and tons of customization options, Crocoblock takes pop-ups to the next level and gets users excited about your offers again.

    Get access today!

    P.S. Learn how to use Crocoblock like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

    From the founders

    March 16, 2020

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm Andrew, CEO of Crocoblock. My team and I are happy to become a part of AppSumo community.

    Our development team has been working with WordPress for the last 10 years. We started to create addons for Elementor when it had...well a bit less than 4 mln installs. And we keep our focus on Elementor for the last 2 years. One of our first plugins JetElements (which is also included in our deal) was a top-rated addon on not so long ago.

    Why Crocoblock deal is worth your attention:

    — Nothing will prevent you from creating lead-generating popups. Neither the lack of coding skills nor the minimal WordPress work experience. Our Interactive Popup Bundle is intuitively easy to use.

    — The flexibility of Elementor + Interactive Popup Library + multifunctional Crocoblock extensions allow customizing the tiniest aspects of your popups. Your imagination is the only limit.

    — All Elementor fans will get not only the library of popup templates but also 52 widgets within JetElements and JetPopup plugins.

    — If you like the performance of JetElements and JetPopup you are very welcome to test how other JetPluigns work. Every Sumoling who has purchased the deal gets a welcome discount 10% OFF on all Crocoblock Yearly sets.

    Fingers crossed the Interactive Popup Bundle will ease your web creation life and brings you lots of profit! This is what we work for in Crocoblock.

    Last but not least. Below is a bunch of useful materials that will guide you through the product

    FAQ —

    Video about working with the library —

    Our cozy and friendly community —

    JetElements knowledge base —

    JetPopup knowledge base —

    Suggestions about the functionality are always welcome —

    Only true customer feedback —

    You can always reach me out directly on Facebook

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