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    Hire top candidates faster with CVViZ.

    CVViZ is a cloud-based modern recruiting software that intelligently automates mundane recruiting tasks.

    It saves money, time, and effort by simplifying the hiring process from job posting to job offer in a few easy steps.

    Recruiters can source candidates at no extra cost, plus you can post jobs to 15+ free job sites with a single click.

    It also helps you discover top candidates on platforms like GitHub, Stackoverow, etc.

    If you are interested in promoting your jobs on paid job sites, CVViZ is integrated with close to 2000 job boards worldwide. It offers excellent discounts (up to 40%) on premium job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

    CVViZ can screen resumes based on the job description and by using your recent hiring decisions.

    Hiring managers can video-interview candidates.

    Recruiters and hiring managers can track candidates' progress, collect interview feedback, and roll out job offers in a single click.

    Streamline your hiring process by getting lifetime access to CVViZ today!


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    Post Jobs To 15+ Free Job Sites Plus Excellent Discounts On Premium Job Sites Like LinkedIn
    Prescreen Candidates & Screen Resumes Automatically
    Track & Engage Candidates, Then Roll Out Job Offers
    Best For: Recruiters & Hiring Managers Of Small/Medium Businesses



    CVViZ- ATS
    CVViZ- ATS
    CVViZ- ATS
    CVViZ- ATS

    From the founders

    December 10, 2020

    Hello Sumo-Lings!

    I’m Amit, CVViZ's Co-Founder and CEO. CVViZ is a modern recruiting software that streamlines the hiring process from a job posting to a job offer, in easy steps.

    We introduced CVViZ's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in mid-2018.

    I am proud to share that CVViZ was incubated by "Catalyst", a global accelerator program run by Societe Generale. Societe Generale recognized us with an award "Rabbit Out of The Hat" for surpassing everyone's expectations.

    We are incredibly excited to partner with AppSumo to take CVViZ to a wider audience.

    ** How It Started **

    We realized finding the right candidates for the right jobs was a major challenge. Recruiters have to screen through piles of resumes to reach the right ones. Their day to day recruiting tasks would consume most of their productive time.

    While interacting with many small-medium businesses, we also learned the cost of candidate sourcing is high, especially if you want to use top job boards. And, outbound candidate sourcing is very time-consuming where recruiters have to search for resumes in a large candidate database.

    So, we decided to address these two key challenges. We wanted to build a solution that can

    1. Source candidates in the quickest time and at minimal cost (even for free).

    2. Identify and engage top candidates faster

    ** Why We Wanted To Build CVViZ **

    We had realized finding the right candidates for the right job has been a tough challenge. We really wanted to solve this problem.

    A lot of companies still rely on emails and spreadsheets to track their recruitment.

    The tool that comes closest to automating most mundane recruiting tasks is Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

    However, traditional applicant tracking systems (ATS) that were originally built in the '90s and early 2000, lag many new-age features.

    A few modern ATSs that were built in the last few years, are expensive and are built for large enterprises.

    We wanted to offer modern ATS. An ATS that could actually help companies hire top talent, faster, and at lower cost.

    ** How Are We Trying To Solve Key Recruiting Challenges **

    To reduce the hiring cost, we have partnered with -

    - 15+ free job posting sites. And we continue to add more.

    - Integrated with close to 2000 job boards (likes of LinkedIn, Indeed, etc) worldwide and offer an excellent discount (up to 40%)

    Design & Integrate Career Pages

    - List all your jobs directly on your website.

    Highly Customizable Pre-screening Questionnaire

    - No need to phone screen candidates. Set up a pre-screening questionnaire and get answers from candidates directly.

    Email Integration & Email Templates

    - Integrate with G suite, office 365. Bulk emailing. Use various email templates.


    - Schedule meetings and video interviews

    - Save interview feedback using a highly customizable interview scorecard sheet.

    Roll out job offers in a click.

    I sincerely hope you will find CVViZ extremely helpful in streamlining your hiring process!



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