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    Use this all-in-one cookie consent platform to automate data privacy compliance

    Understanding all the latest data privacy laws can feel like you’re cramming for your way through law school. (“Contrary to what Elle Woods said, this is, like, really hard.”)

    But maintaining CPRA/CCPA and GDPR compliance is the only way to keep your users’ data secure while avoiding hefty fines.

    Good thing there’s an all-in-one consent and DSAR management platform that can automate the entire process and help you maintain compliance.

    Introducing CYTRIO.


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    Use a single platform for cookie consent and preference and data subject access request (DSAR) management
    Automate cookie scan, create customizable consent banners, manage preferences, and access customer consent logs



    CYTRIO is a platform that helps you comply with global data privacy laws, including cookie consent and preference management.

    In just minutes, CYTRIO lets you create a customized CPRA, CCPA, and GDPR-compliant consent banner to embed on your site with a single line of code.

    From there, you can customize the text, color, position, animation, and other banner aspects to match your site’s branding and design.

    In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to add a “Do Not Sell or Share My Information” footer link to let site visitors opt out.

    Even better, this platform helps you keep accurate records of “Do Not Sell” requests for up to 12 months.

    Customizable cookie consent banner

    Create a custom cookie consent banner in multiple languages in just minutes!

    CYTRIO will regularly scan your domain to find and automatically categorize first and third-party cookies along with their purpose.

    To improve user privacy and security, you can automatically block third-party cookies and scripts.

    And since it’s a breeze to generate cookie audit reports, you’ll get a detailed description of all the cookies currently on your website.

    Categorize first- and third-party cookies

    Auto-detect and categorize existing, newly added, and deleted cookies on your website.

    Best of all, CYTRIO lets you quickly deploy consent and preference management to comply with CCPA, CPRA, and GDPR regulations.

    Let your visitors choose the cookie categories they consent to, including essential, functional, analytical, marketing, social, and unclassified.

    You’ll be able to capture users’ cookie consent in a detailed audit log to maintain compliance and avoid fines.

    Plus, you can allow visitors to modify their preferences at any time, with all changes being archived in the audit log.

    Customer consent logs

    Maintain data privacy compliance by capturing users’ cookie consent in a detailed audit log.

    CYTRIO also lets you create a customized data subject access request (DSAR) intake portal, making it easy for your customers to exercise their data privacy rights.

    Rest easy knowing this platform will automatically validate the requestor's identity to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

    Streamline DSAR responses with built-in response workflows that can collect or delete personal data. They can even respond to data requests automatically.

    DSAR intake portal

    Make it easy for users to exercise their data privacy rights with a secure DSAR portal.

    With CYTRIO, you get an all-in-one solution for cookie consent, preference, and DSAR management that makes it easy to comply with complex data privacy laws.

    Keep your site complaint.

    Get lifetime access to CYTRIO today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    Dear Sumo-lings!

    I’m Vijay, the founder and CEO of CYTRIO.

    At CYTRIO we believe privacy is a fundamental human right, and that everybody should have control over their personal information no matter how it is collected, used, shared or where it is stored.

    CYTRIO is democratizing data privacy compliance by offering an All-in-one platform that includes cookie consent, preference and DSAR management, and "do not sell my information" functionality.

    I'm delighted to introduce our Cookie Consent and Data Subject Rights Management Platform to you!

    Our solution is easy to deploy, and designed to help you navigate the complexities of ever changing privacy laws such as CCPA, CPRA and GDPR.

    Stay aligned with regulatory mandates with features, including:

    • Automatic Cookie Scan
    • Customizable Cookie Consent Banner
    • Preference Management
    • Multilingual Support
    • Third-party Tracking Blocker
    • Consent Logs
    • DSAR Intake Portal
    • DSAR Response Workflows
    • Do Not Sell My Information
    • Analytics Dashboard

    Our customers are thrilled with our competitive pricing and proactive customer support.

    With the AppSumo deal, you receive lifetime access to our Professional plan, including all future updates.

    We look forward to welcoming you to CYTRIO.

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