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    Divjoy gives you a React codebase with everything you need for your next project, including landing page, auth, database, payments, and more

    You know how web development projects always take 5x longer than expected? Well, Divjoy solves that!

    Divjoy is a React codebase & UI generator that gives you everything you need for your next project, including authentication, data fetching, payments (powered by Stripe), billing management, marketing pages, forms, and more.

    No more rebuilding the same basic layouts, struggling to integrate auth, reading docs to figure out why your payments webhook isn't working, and hundreds of other annoying tasks (ugh.. forgot password flow).

    Just select your stack on the homepage, choose a template, and export a high-quality React codebase that you can keep building on. Everything just works.

    Divjoy even has a no code editor so you can tweak styles, create new pages, and customize your app before moving to code.

    Get access to Divjoy now -- you won't regret it!


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    React codebase and UI generator that will save you a month of development time
    Gives you UI, auth, database, subscription payments, and more. Everything you need for a SaaS app.
    Nocode editor for customizing your app before moving to code




    From the founders

    December 03, 2020

    Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community!

    My name is Gabe and I’m the founder of Divjoy. I’m super excited to introduce my product to you all 💃🏾🕺 🎉

    I’ve been building web apps for over 12 years now, but have always been frustrated with how much time is wasted on initial setup, integrating services, and rebuilding the same basic layouts. I always wanted a tool where I could just pick my tech stack, choose a template, then export a high-quality codebase that I could continue to build on. Imagine if authentication, data fetching, subscription payments, and hundreds of other small details just worked right out of the box. You could save weeks of dev time!

    Finally, I decided to go for it and build my dream tool. And here we are! Thousands of customers have used Divjoy to create over 10,000 web apps. Customers love Divjoy because, for the first time, they're able to start a web development project and skip right to working on their main idea. You know, the actual fun part 😊

    So if you’re a React developer or eager to learn, Divjoy is a fantastic way to jump-start your next project. We offer a range of options so that you still get to work with the tech you know and love. Want to use Bulma instead of Bootstrap? No problem. Want to use Auth0 instead of Firebase? We can do that. Our codebase generator lets you customize your stack and then handles all the integration logic for you.

    If you’re new to React you may also enjoy our no-code editor that allows you to explore your app structure, customize styles, and drag in new pre-built sections from our library of components. It’s a great way to play around with ideas and get a feel for your app before moving over to code.

    I love seeing what Divjoy customers build and I’m always around to answer questions and give advice on how to extend your code to do what you need. I want every Divjoy customer to build something great and go on to find success 🚀

    ---- How is this different than a theme or boilerplate? ----

    Boilerplates often give you something over-engineered, can slow you down more than help, and rarely give you a good starting point in terms of UI. Themes often look good, but almost never integrate with any kind of backend logic needed to make them run. With Divjoy everything just works, and because it dynamically combines your selected options, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

    ---- What else is down the line? ----

    - We’re going to be ramping up the community vibes by launching a private Discord server just for Divjoy customers. Jump in to ask questions, share your work-in-progress, or take part in fun events (like hackathons). I’m sooo excited for this.

    - New UI kits, including Material UI and Tailwind, as well as more components (think pricing page variations, advanced multi-step form flows, dashboards, and more).

    You can reach me at hello@divjoy.com or use the live chat widget on divjoy.com.



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