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    Analyze, extract, and interpret information from any document with this AI assistant

    Turns out reading novels for pleasure and multi-page documents for work are two completely different things. (“Sorry, I only stay up reading if there’s witty dialogue and a romantic subplot.”)

    And because these documents are chock full of legal, official, and technical jargon, you’ve got to comb through them carefully to understand what’s going on.

    If only there was an AI-powered tool that let you analyze and interact with any document in any language.

    Say hello to DocXter.


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    Understand key insights from comprehensive documents quickly with AI
    Interact with documents and ask questions to get the information you need



    DocXter is an AI assistant that can quickly analyze, extract, and interpret information from any document.

    Interact with multiple documents at once

    DocXter lets you upload and index several documents instantly so you can get a full picture of the information all at once.

    • Centralize information from multiple sources on a single platform
    • Ask AI for document-related information and get straightforward answers
    • Consolidate sources like documents and notes to compare strategies, make inferences, and write reports

    Multi-document analysis

    Gather information from multiple documents on this AI-powered platform.

    AI models at your fingertips

    With DocXter, you’ll get access to cutting-edge AI models with the perfect voice for every persona and use case.

    • Get precise answers for technical Q&As with GPT-3.5 Turbo
    • Leverage GPT-4's advanced reasoning to generate creative copy
    • Analyze legal and financial documents with precision and accuracy using Claude 3.0

    Multiple AI models

    Choose an AI model that fits your industry and brand voice.

    Personalized chat, right by your side

    DocXter makes it easy to analyze multilingual documents and customize prompts to personalize your responses.

    • Understand multilingual documents across more than 15 languages
    • Build unique prompts to fine-tune responses from AI
    • Tap into adaptive responses to make answers simple, elaborate, or humorous

    Chat personalization

    Personalize interactions with language, tone, and custom prompts.

    Collaborate smarter

    Best of all, DocXter enables efficient collaboration by keeping colleagues and stakeholders aligned on a cloud-based hub with granular access controls.

    • Share files with your team to get everyone on the same page
    • Transcribe any physical document into machine-readable characters for a computer
    • Highlight conflicting information between different versions of similar documents


    Optimize collaboration with stakeholders on a cloud-based hub using granular access controls.

    DocXter uses the power of AI to analyze and interact with any document, so you can get the info you need without breaking a sweat.

    Understand documents in a snap.

    Get lifetime access to DocXter today!

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