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    Use this all-in-one video toolkit to convert, compress, and edit video or audio content in a snap

    After you’ve spent hours filming, you still have to figure out how to compress and combine all your files into a version fit for all your platforms. (“At this rate, I’ll still be rendering in my grave.”)

    Using different single-use tools for each video task isn’t just annoying—it’s also slowing down your production rate and costing you a pretty penny.

    You’re looking for a video toolkit that gives you everything you need to churn out stunning video content, every time.

    Meet EaseUS VideoKit for Mac. (Have Windows? Check out the Windows version here.)


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    Convert video and audio files into multiple formats without sacrificing quality
    Compress your videos with a click, plus extract the audio to use on other platforms


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    EaseUS VideoKit is a video toolkit that lets you convert and compress high-quality video or audio content.

    EaseUS VideoKit is packed with an awesome video and audio converter, so you can convert videos to different formats without breaking a sweat.

    Convert videos from over a thousand file types including MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, and ACS, and then repurpose your content across platforms.

    File size too large? No problem! You can use the video compressor to shrink files without sacrificing video quality.

    Audio and video converter

    Convert audio and video files into different formats, all while maintaining their original quality.

    With EaseUS VideoKit, you can create GIFs from any clip of your videos for easy sharing to socials.

    That makes it a cinch to repurpose content for any platform you need, in case your long-form videos aren't getting the engagement you thought they would.

    EaseUS VideoKit can even extract the audio from your video files to help you whip up crisp podcasts and audio books from the content you already created.

    Trim videos

    Cherry-pick the moments you love and turn them into GIFs.

    You don’t need to be a video wizard to get your scroll-stopping content on other platforms. (“Apparently, I’m just the man behind the curtain.”)

    With EaseUS VideoKit, you’ll be able to convert and compress video files until they’re pixel-perfect—all in one place.

    Scale your video content.

    Get lifetime access to EaseUS VideoKit today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    As the founder and CEO of EaseUS, I am thrilled to introduce our latest product, EaseUS VideoKit. At EaseUS, our mission has always been to develop cutting-edge software solutions that empower users to effortlessly handle their digital data with ease and convenience. With this vision in mind, we are proud to present EaseUS VideoKit, a comprehensive video editing software designed to cater to the diverse needs of both amateur and professional video creators.

    Video content has become an integral part of our lives, from personal vlogs to corporate presentations. However, not everyone possesses extensive technical skills or has access to expensive editing tools. Recognizing this gap, we developed EaseUS VideoKit to democratize the video editing process, making it accessible to everyone.

    EaseUS VideoKit comes packed with a plethora of powerful yet user-friendly features that enable users to transform their raw footage into stunning, professional-quality videos. Whether you are a beginner who wants to create simple yet engaging content or an experienced video editor looking for advanced tools, EaseUS VideoKit has got you covered.

    One of the standout features of EaseUS VideoKit is its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. We understand that editing videos can be an overwhelming task, especially for beginners. Hence, we have ensured that the user interface is designed to simplify the editing process without compromising on functionality. With just a few clicks, users can import their videos, trim and merge clips, apply various effects and filters, add music or voiceovers, and much more.

    To further enhance the editing experience, EaseUS VideoKit offers a wide range of editing options. Users can effortlessly crop and rotate videos, adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters and overlays, and even remove background noise. Advanced features like keyframe animation allow for professional-level editing, ensuring that users have the tools they need to bring their creative vision to life.

    In addition to its robust editing capabilities, EaseUS VideoKit also offers convenient exporting and sharing options. Users can export their videos in various formats, suitable for different platforms and devices. Whether you want to upload your creations to social media platforms, burn them to DVDs, or save them in high-quality for future use, EaseUS VideoKit ensures compatibility and flexibility.

    As the founder and CEO of EaseUS, I am immensely proud of the team's efforts in bringing EaseUS VideoKit to life. We believe that this software will empower video creators of all levels, enabling them to express their creativity and produce remarkable videos with ease. We are committed to continuously improving EaseUS VideoKit based on user feedback and evolving industry trends, ensuring that it remains a leading video editing solution.

    Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your exciting video creations with EaseUS VideoKit!

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