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    Ramp up your game with Easy Text Marketing (ETM)! This isn't just another tool; it's the powerhouse you need to master the SMS marketing arena for you and your clients!


    ETM is built with one mission: to put you at the forefront of the game. We're talking about crafting killer messages, launching mobile coupons that no one can resist, and dropping QR codes that pull your audience in—all from a platform that's as easy to use as it is powerful. It's your all-in-one arsenal for building connections that not only last but also pay off big time.

    Here's the deal: ETM is your ally in transforming your marketing strategies from good to legendary. Don't just reach out to your audience; grip their attention and drive them towards action with Easy Text Marketing!

    With over 15 million texts sent every minute, text messaging is where the action is. The sharpest entrepreneurs know that the real wealth is in their list. Whether you're scouting for a seamless, affordable SMS marketing solution or just want to hit your clients with texts that convert, ETM has your back.

    Tailor-made for agencies, ETM is not just about getting a piece of software; it's about growing business.


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    An easy-to-use text marketing platform designed for people who want an easy way to share their message with the world
    Connect with customers, clients, and prospects using SMS, MMS, SMPP, email, voice, and even fax



    Watch this walk-through to see how easy it is to build lists, create coupons and more!

    Let's cut through the noise like a business titan: You need a no-brainer way to beef up your list, engage in real talk with customers, and fire off laser-targeted text campaigns without getting slammed by insane fees. And you need it for your clients too!

    Enter Easy Text Marketing.

    This isn't just a platform; it's your secret weapon designed for hustlers who want to blast messages and forge real connections without breaking a sweat.

    Use our two-way messaging for a direct line to your customers, clients, and prospects. Whether it's SMS, MMS, email, or voice blasts, pick your weapon and start engaging.

    We're armed to the teeth with heavyweight gateways like Twilio and Telnyx, not to mention killer features like text funnels, polls, contests—and more. This platform is your all-access pass to elevate your text marketing game.

    Sync up with other platforms using webhooks in Pabbly or Zapier to turn clients into fans!

    Own your communication game. Expand your list. Ramp up engagement. Drive sales through the roof. With Easy Text Marketing, crafting killer text campaigns is now both a breeze and a bargain, thanks to direct connections to gateways for wholesale rates. It's time to play the marketing game on your terms.


    Let's get your text marketing strapped with the heavy artillery it deserves. Our battlefield? Easy Text Marketing. Here, you've got unlimited keywords and contact lists at your disposal, plus we're talking built-in CTIA compliance to keep you on the straight and narrow with SMS rules.

    You're in safe hands—we've got the disclaimers, the ins and outs of subscriber management, and all that legal jazz covered. But hey, always double-check with the legal eagles on your marketing moves.

    Set your business to dominate mode by hooking up our bulletproof SMS API with the platforms you swear by.

    Push the limits of what's possible with our arsenal of elite features: branded QR codes, a short-link generator that packs a punch, polls, text funnels, and a whole lot more.

    Catch your customers where it counts by embedding SMS forms right into your sales funnels. It's like laying down a welcome mat for their phone numbers, inviting them straight into your list.

    Throw in our kiosk builder and SMS loyalty programs, and you've got yourself the ultimate weapon for text marketing supremacy.

    Our platform is locked, loaded, and ready to launch your SMS strategy into the stratosphere. The only thing missing? You stepping up to take control.


    Chat Your Way to Closed Deals

    Dive into real-time, two-way text chats with your contacts without ever leaving your desk, thanks to our SMS Chat feature. Say goodbye to the legal headaches of your team using personal devices for business texts. Now, every message is neatly organized and easily accessible in one place.


    Craving a flood of customers blowing up your phone? Unleash voice broadcasts in 26 tongues with the click of a button. Our tech doesn’t just dial your prospects; it delivers your custom spiel directly to them.

    Flip the switch on "Press 1 To Connect," and we're talking instant connection when they hit back—imagine cold calling minus the cold shoulder.

    Got a blockbuster sale? Taco Tuesday going viral? Blast your message out, stat!

    Hook your audience with eye-popping coupons, QR codes, and loyalty schemes crafted with ease on our platform.

    Keep a hawk's eye on your campaign vitals from your dashboard. Slot your message right where it matters: in the palm of their hands.

    This isn’t just an SMS marketing platform; it's your ticket to scaling heights unknown. But here’s the kicker: time’s ticking on this offer.

    Dive in NOW to wield these game-changing tools while you still can. Miss this, and you're missing out on calls, sales, and soaring success.

    Hit the ground running—today!

    From the founders

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    Hey Sumolings,

    I noticed a few times folks had refunded saying their messages didn't send, and every single time it was because they didn't connect their gateway. And every single time...they hadn't signed up for the free tutorials that give perfect step-by-step instructions to be up and running within 5 minutes.

    Please, before you buy, or before you refund, please take a moment to check out our tutorials so you know exactly how to get started and succeed :)

    You can get access to the tutorials at https://rockstar.thrivecart.com/etm-tutorials/

    Thanks for being the best part of Easy Text Marketing,

    Mat K


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