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    The all-in-one online IDE and host to create, code, and deploy stunning static websites in seconds

    Editor.do is an all-in-one online IDE and hosting solution.

    It allows you to create, code, host and deploy stunning & fast static websites in seconds with extraordinary ease of use.


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    Create, code, host, and deploy stunning & fast static websites
    Use Editor.do as your editor for any language & start creating now



    Uploading or creating your site's files is made easy with Editor.do.

    A) The hosting solution

    Do you have a template or a local folder of your site, a ready-to-use landing page, or something you'd like to test out, and want to deploy it quickly with your domain? Editor.do is the perfect tool to do this in less than a minute, just upload your site files or a zip containing all these files and boom your site is ready with all the following advantages:

    • Your projects are hosted and served on NVMe SSD Storage servers to ensure the fastest possible loading speed for your site.
    • Use your own domains with ease. Just add two DNS records to point your domain correctly, or get a free .doo.ee subdomain to get started.
    • Get a free, instant and automatic SSL certificate for each of your domains.
    • In addition to HTML, CSS and JS, host and serve all the files of your websites Like images, videos or music.
    • Protect any folder or website with a username and password.
    • Easily export and backup your projects.
    For those who code, those who learn, and all those who try, Editor.do is for you.

    B) The IDE

    Manage and edit your projects as you're used to doing on your IDE.

    Editor.do includes all the tools of a good development environment to let you code faster and smarter while keeping your reference points. And here's a summary of the IDE's advantages and features:

    • Access your editor anywhere, anytime and on any device, all you need is a browser.
    • Create and edit files in over 150 programming languages.
    • Your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code runs in real time and Every saved change you make is applied directly to your website.
    • Different themes, highlight colors and customization to feet your taste.
    • A panel of shortcuts and tools to search, replace, cut, select and quickly manipulate your code.
    Access an open source template for every sector of activity (medical, industrial, sports, cultural, tech, etc.).

    C) Templates and libraries

    - You can choose from over 1000 free and open source templates of all categories and install them with a single click, then edit the code in real time to adapt them to your projects.

    - As you can import libraries and open source projects directly from GitHub, all you have to do is enter the project name and import it.

    ChatGPT's integration and a range of ready-to-use tools are at your disposal.

    D) ChatGPT and other tools

    Editor.do lets you integrate ChatGPT and keep it close at hand and use it to correct, complete or improve your code or text, or to learn to code step by step.

    As it includes several small tools such as color pickers, royalty-free image library and much more...

    Editor.do is ideal for all developers and designers who are just starting out and want to practice, as well as for advanced coders and agencies who are constantly trying things out or deploying sites for clients.

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    From the founders

    A message from editor.do

    Hello Sumo-lings,

    I'm Chris, co-founder of editor.do, and we're SUPER EXCITED to launch editor.do on AppSumo.

    ๐Ÿค” What is editor.do?

    Editor.do is an online IDE that lets you deploy your static sites or any browser based HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ experience with your domain names in less than 2 minutes, and lets you edit them just like on your IDE, except that it manages your domain name, provides you with SSL certificates and handles the file hosting of your sites.

    ๐Ÿš€ Why we build it?

    Within our company, we're often called upon to deploy showcase sites and browser-based interactive experiences for our customers, our company or just to try out bits of code, and we wanted an online tool that would be accessible everywhere and that would enable us to do this quickly while keeping our coders habits, and that's where editor.do was born.

    ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Why {code} and not no-code ?

    We find that the market is overwhelmed by no-code tools, and that even talented developers are getting into the sauce, forgetting that coding offers a level of precision and creative freedom that no-code platforms often struggle to match. With code, developers can meticulously craft complex designs, adaptive layouts and interactive features that precisely match their vision. What's more, coding enables developers to solve problems and optimize performance, resulting in faster, more efficient websites and applications. While no-code solutions offer accessibility and speed for basic projects, coding opens the door to unlimited possibilities and enables developers to create truly unique and sophisticated digital experiences.

    ๐ŸŒŽ For whom ?

    Editor.do is suitable for all developers and designers who are just starting out and want to practice, as well as for advanced coders and agencies who are constantly testing things or deploying sites for customers.

    We're delighted to share our tool with you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: contact@editor.do

    Thank you,


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