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    Automate any repetitive process with this AI-powered RPA platform

    It’s hard to grow your business when you’re drowning in busywork. (“Should’ve remembered to wear a superhuman life vest. And also to buy it.”)

    Sure, there are a bunch of automation tools out there, but it’s hard to jump on the bandwagon when you aren’t an expert coder.

    If only there was a platform that made it easy to automate any task and level up your skills to build complex automations over time.

    Say hello to ElectroNeek.


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    Use this low-code RPA to automate any repetitive task on an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
    Describe your workflow in plain language and then the AI will generate your new automation



    ElectroNeek is an AI-powered RPA platform that automates repetitive tasks across remote or local desktops, web, and SaaS environments.

    Automate any process

    Using ElectroNeek’s AI Workflow Generator, it’s easy to transform repetitive tasks into automated processes.

    • Describe your workflow with plain language descriptions or prompts and let AI do the rest
    • Create precise workflows using a range of learned activities like "read-file" or "delay"

    AI workflow generator

    Describe any process you want to automate in plain language and let the AI execute it.

    Drag-and-drop workflows

    Not a coding expert? Good thing ElectroNeek’s low-code RPA lets you craft workflows on a smooth drag-and-drop interface.

    • Easily design and deploy complex sequences with a few clicks
    • Integrate diverse systems and data sources to reduce development time and costs

    Low-code RPA

    Build workflows on an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, all without any coding expertise.

    Get answers from AI

    Even better, this platform gives you direct access to Easley AI, so you can ask questions and get instant answers.

    • Use ElectroNeek’s GPT prompts to create efficient workflows effortlessly
    • Leverage large language models to build automations that can respond to complex scenarios

    Ask AI

    Ask questions and get the information you need with Easley AI.

    Level up your automations

    ElectroNeek is packed with free online courses and certifications for beginners and experienced users to learn how to build great automations.

    • Choose your competency level
    • Take role-based courses designed for RPA developers, orchestrator admins, IDP users, and GPT AI engineers
    • Earn vendor certifications to validate your expertise and share your achievements online

    Online courses

    Take role-based courses and automation workshops to learn to build impressive automations.

    No matter your skill level, you can create complex workflows and automate any process with ElectroNeek to get more done in record time.

    Automate busywork with AI.

    Get lifetime access to ElectroNeek today!

    From the founders

    Deal updates and FAQs

    Hello Sumo-lings!

    Thank you for the warm welcome and feedback. We really appreciate it!

    I am pleased to announce exciting updates to the Deal, as well as provide clarification on some frequently asked questions since our launch.

    What are we adding to the Deal?

    ElectroNeek API
    This feature facilitates the integration of ElectroNeek bots with custom or third-party applications. Its primary objective is to enable bot management without requiring the use of the product's interface.  This feature is now available on AppSumo Tier 5 for current and new buyers.

    For further details, please refer to our documentation: https://docs.electroneek.com/reference/overview.

    Bot Library 
    This library offers a collection of pre-built, downloadable bot templates that include case descriptions, demo videos, step-by-step instructions, and a comprehensive video guide demonstrating how to build the bot from scratch. This material is excellent for inspiration, learning, and customization.

    It is accessible now for viewing at all subscription tiers. Sumo-lings at Tiers 3, 4, and 5 have the added benefit of downloadable content, including bots and supporting files, which can be imported into Studio Pro.

    As far as IntelliDocs (Intelligent Document Processing) - we are working on bringing IDP functionality to the deal as an add-on. Stay tuned in June for further announcements! Now onto the frequently asked questions: Why we don’t include the whole Platform in the Deal? We are Enterprise-grade B2B Platform. Over 5 years we have grown both tall and wide and have different functionalities that go beyond just RPA. Given the nature of computation on our end and consumption-based costs for us, we can’t provide the full Platform within LTD deal, but the core functionality (RPA+AI) that we offer is robust and powerful. We believe that even with core functionality currently in the deal, we can topple the previous offerings. The benefit for Sumo-lings here is that you have a chance to get powerful Enterprise functionality within LTD deal. Since we are among the first vendors to implement meaningful AI to RPA, this allows us to welcome individual users and we are more than happy to interact with Sumo-crowd. How does ElectroNeek stand out? A frequent question that is asked here on AppSumo is how we are different from other software automation products available now or in the past for Sumo-lings. I will explain this in bullet points with some details: Over 160 Activities in RPA: -Full list available (https://docs.electroneek.com/docs/cheatsheet). -Automate both web and desktop applications. -Perform web scraping tasks. -Conduct Graphic User Interface (GUI) automation for legacy and modern applications. Integrations: -Seamlessly integrate legacy or custom applications with any other systems. -Compatible with systems that either support or do not support APIs. Integrated AI Capabilities: -Easily build workflow templates from natural language input. Customization and Flexibility: -Develop custom automation to address nearly any scenario. Utilize code for complex requirements when necessary. API and Database Connectivity: -Connect to any API-based service. -Directly interface with databases and execute any query. Data Handling: -Manage both structured and unstructured data. AI-Driven Decision Making: -Enable AI to make decisions based on predefined criteria in scenarios where human judgment is required. The aforementioned features, combined with a sleek and intuitive interface, offer a powerful automation solution. We are confident that you will find these features valuable for everyday use.

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