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    Run your lists through this verification tool to remove temporary, invalid, or duplicate emails

    Email marketing is only profitable if your list is full of actual people, not burner accounts. (“No thanks,, we prefer real engagement.”)

    All those fake, invalid, or temporary emails aren’t just annoying to filter out—they’re also tanking your sending reputation.

    That’s why you need an AI verification tool that can keep low-quality emails from bogging down your lists, for good.

    Say hello to Email Checkpoint.


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    Detect fake emails and gather data like email age and domains to improve your list quality
    Connect your form to the API and start verifying email addresses after sign-up



    Email Checkpoint is an email verification tool that identifies temporary, invalid, and duplicate emails to clean up your list.

    Verify emails during sign-up

    Email Checkpoint automatically detects fake, temporary, and duplicate email addresses to improve list quality.

    • Track down valid email addresses that are linked to real domains
    • Identify business and personal emails to streamline any B2B outreach
    • Reveal how many contacts are burner accounts used for free sign-ups

    Email verification

    Automatically gather email intelligence like email and domains to fine-tune list quality.

    Weed out duplicate email addresses

    In just a few clicks, you can filter out duplicate email addresses and addresses that are suspiciously similar to one another.

    • Remove duplicate emails that use modifiers like plus signs or periods
    • Gauge which emails might have the same owner using the match strength score

    Similarity Search

    Figure out if multiple email addresses belong to the same owner.

    Connect your forms to the API

    Email Checkpoint makes it easy to connect forms to the built-in API, so you can verify email addresses, boost list health, and collect real data.

    • Eliminate disposable email addresses to improve the deliverability of your newsletters
    • Require valid emails from users signing up for your app to track real growth
    • Keep computer-generated emails from abusing free trials and giveaways

    Real-time email verification

    Connect your app to the API and verify email addresses in real time.

    Verify thousands of emails at once

    Best of all, you can upload a CSV file with thousands of email addresses and verify them all in one go.

    • Figure out which email addresses are active accounts and which ones are fake
    • Sort every entry by email age, domain, and similarity using advanced filters
    • Export validated lists and re-upload them to email marketing software or databases

    Bulk upload

    Upload a single CSV file to verify thousands of email addresses at once.

    With Email Checkpoint, you can remove faulty email addresses from your lists and improve campaign performance in a snap.

    Keep your lists squeaky clean.

    Get lifetime access to Email Checkpoint today!

    From the founders

    From the founder

    🌟 I'm excited to introduce Email Checkpoint, a game-changing solution crafted to revolutionize email list management. As the founder of Verisoul, understanding the nuisances of email verification led us to develop this innovative tool. 🛠️

    Why We Built It:

    • To eliminate the headaches of managing cluttered email lists filled with duplicates, temporary, and invalid emails.
    • To automate the verification process, saving precious time and resources.

    Who Uses It:

    • Marketers aiming for precise targeting and cleaner data.
    • IT/security agencies needing to ensure system integrity.
    • Developers looking for a robust, easy-to-integrate solution.

    What You Can Do With It:

    • Automatically detect and manage fake, duplicate, and computer-generated emails.
    • Distinguish personal emails from business emails to tailor communication effectively.

    Launching exclusively with AppSumo on June 9, 2024, Email Checkpoint offers:

    🤖 Real-Time Verification: Instantly verify email validity as they enter your system.

    🔄 Duplication Detection: Identify and merge duplicate records with our advanced similarity search.

    📊 Dashboard Management: Easily manage large volumes through a seamless, user-friendly dashboard.

    We're thrilled to bring Email Checkpoint to AppSumo's dynamic community and are eager to see how it can streamline your email management tasks. Let’s maximize every signup and turn potentials into real engagements!

    Henry LeGard

    CEO & Founder, Verisoul

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