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    Create, send, and manage email campaigns targeting any segment of your subscriber base

    With everyone’s inbox filled to the brim, running email campaigns that grab their attention seems harder than ever. (“At this rate, I’d have better luck standing out with snail mail.”)

    Even if you’re selling a high-value offer, sending run-of-the-mill emails to an unfocused audience isn’t enough to translate into sales.

    Wish there was a platform that let you design, automate, and manage email campaigns targeting every single segment of your list?

    Meet Enginemailer.


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    Upload your entire list, clean it up, and segment your subscribers to target the right audience
    Access all the tools you need—from form builders and AI content to automation and reporting



    Enginemailer is an integrated cloud platform that helps you manage email lists, generate leads, and send campaigns to every subscriber.

    Manage your entire list

    Enginemailer lets you upload, manage, and segment your entire subscriber base without compromising anyone’s data.

    • Automatically clean your list and remove duplicate emails to improve deliverability
    • Segment your list by custom field, category, or any data set from previous campaigns
    • Connect to built-in APIs to sync subscriber data and send transactional emails

    List segmentation

    Segment your entire list with categories to target the right audience, every time.

    Tailor-made marketing campaigns

    You can easily design email campaigns, landing pages, and forms optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

    • Customize hundreds of email templates with the drag-and-drop email builder
    • Add AI-written subject lines and email copy, along with 500k+ royalty-free images
    • Use merge tags to personalize content for better engagement rates

    Drag-and-drop email builder

    Design emails with AI-generated content, royalty-free images, buttons, videos, and more.

    Automate your email campaigns

    Even better, Enginemailer lets you send high-volume email campaigns to your target audience to drive more sales.

    • Set up autoresponders and behavior-triggered flows to improve customer journeys
    • Integrate with REST APIs to send transactional emails in real time


    Enginemailer lets you create autoresponders to nurture your leads on autopilot.

    Data-driven email strategy

    This platform lets you monitor live campaign metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates—you can even integrate with popular tracking pixels.

    • Analyze leads from landing pages and online forms to build out your sales funnel
    • Review survey submissions to create better offers for your subscribers
    • Split test different sender names, subject lines, and content to optimize performance

    Performance reports

    Monitor your campaign performance in real time with comprehensive reporting.

    Stop sending emails no one wants to open! Enginemailer makes it easy to create and run laser-targeted email campaigns with no caps on your subscriber count.

    Master the art of email marketing.

    Get lifetime access to Enginemailer today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    Hello, fellow Sumo-Ling and explorers of the digital universe! 🚀 Nano nano!

    We started off Enginemailer with one mission in mind – To empower every individual and business to connect with their audiences in a more meaningful way. 💌

    For everyone to succeed, we embarked on an endless journey to build tools that would allow anyone to:

    1.) Grow and manage a customer database: Easily create custom fields, interest groups & audience segments to store all your databases. Import or automate the information from all your sources, or start building your customer list using in-built tools such as landing pages, online/popup forms, and more to get started. 📈

    2.) Easily create responsive newsletters and content: We have spent a lot of effort working with the best tools and technologies to make our customers design stunning email content. We’ve built hundreds of templates, access to over 500,000 free stock photos, responsive drag & drop editors, AI suggestions, and a lot more! 🖌️📸

    3.) Take emails beyond just marketing: With all the digitisation and automation happening globally, emails are now widely used beyond marketing. We provide REST APIs that you can share with your developers to integrate into any backend system to send transactional emails – autoresponders, reminders, notifications, confirmations, payment receipts, etc. 🔄📧

    4.) Understand how your audience is responding: There is no point in sending emails if they don’t make it into the Inbox! We have state-of-the-art delivery infrastructure and provide support to help you achieve this. All delivery and engagement analytics are presented visually in order to help you improve. 📊📬

    And by the way… because we believe that customer information is one of the most valuable assets in every business and this is where every (email) marketing journey should begin - All of our plans provide unlimited subscribers so that you can keep growing your database without having to think about cost increase when your list grows; or if you have millions of customer records to start with. 💾🌱

    Wishing everyone the best, and hope that you enjoy what Enginemailer has to offer – we have a lot more exciting features coming soon, and you’ll have full access to these. ✨

    P/s: If you like Enginemailer, please give us a good review and help us spread our story! We have an Affiliate Program that offers attractive payouts for you to help others.

    Send It Your Way.

    Fleet Commander - Enginemailer 🚀

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