AppSumo's Everyone's Talking About Social Proof: 11 Attention-Grabbing Ways to Use Trust Signals to Multiply Sales

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    Gain long-lasting customer trust with these powerful social proof tactics

    This is the best ebook I’ve ever read!” —Mom

    Why should new site visitors trust you, your company, or your product?

    After all, there’s an inherent trust gap when a new person lands on your website.

    But one of the most powerful ways to bridge that gap is by leveraging a little marketing tactic known as social proof.

    Presenting Everyone’s Talking About Social Proof.


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    See real-world examples of powerful social proof campaigns used by AppSumo, Amazon, and many other companies
    Hear social proof tips straight from the experts, with advice from team members at Evidence and VideoPeel
    Learn the history of social proof—and why it matters more than ever for online businesses



    Everyone’s Talking About Social Proof is an ebook that skips the basics and jumps straight into strategic methods for creating powerful trust signals that boost sales.

    When most of us think of social proof, we imagine 5-star reviews, a few impressive media logos... and that’s about it.

    But you want to take your social proof one step further.

    What if you could create a full-blown social proof strategy, with campaigns, moving pieces, and methods that you know none of your competitors would be clever enough to borrow?

    That’s what we tried to achieve with this ebook: equipping you with strong social proof methods that put all other tactics to shame.

    Within these pages, you’ll learn how to make your website feel like a bustling, real-life storefront.

    From there, see how AppSumo implements social proof to boost Facebook ad conversions by 5-10%.

    Plus, we’ll give you an insider look at how we’re using social proof to level up our influencer marketing.

    Afterwards, you’ll find out how companies like Ebay and Amazon combine direct marketing tactics with social proof to increase ecommerce sales.

    To write this ebook, we sat down with team members from AppSumo partners VideoPeel and Evidence.

    We wanted to learn how their teams think about social proof, why it works, and learn some of their favorite tactics for building immediate trust with website visitors.

    We also interviewed members of our own advertising team to see how social proof impacts the campaigns we run every week.

    If you’re looking for a new way to foster trust online, social proof is one of the most important tools you can leverage.

    And this ebook goes above and beyond the basics, giving you real-life examples of some of the most powerful ways we’ve seen companies use social proof to multiply sales.

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