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    Create interactive demos and step-by-step guides to drive more conversions

    Explaining how your product works to prospects can feel like a bad game of Pictionary. (“Let me paint you a picture. Oops, I messed up.”)

    Truth is, lengthy support documents and random product screenshots simply can’t showcase what sets your product apart.

    You need a tool that makes it easy to create interactive demos that are tailored to each customer.

    Introducing Fable.


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    Create interactive demos and step-by-step guides that convert customers
    Identify insights on your buyer's journey to increase conversions and close deals



    Fable is a SaaS platform that lets you create interactive demos and step-by-step guides for customer support, lead generation, and SOPs.

    Capture any workflow

    No more screenshots! With Fable’s Chrome extension, you can record and capture any workflow to create interactive demos.

    • Customize recordings on the demo editor to correct mistakes and make edits
    • Publish interactive demos to share your product’s features with customers and boost sales

    Interactive demo

    Record your workflow to create interactive demos that you can share with customers.

    Add interactive elements

    Fable makes it easy to showcase your brand’s story with interactive elements, logos, and call-to-action buttons.

    • Elevate your demos with interactive elements like hotspots and guides
    • Customize the colors and logos for a consistent brand experience
    • Use call-to-action buttons and modules to create demos for different use cases

    Branded interactive demos

    Create interactive, customizable demos that highlight your brand’s colors, logos, and style.

    Leverage custom domains

    Even better, Fable lets you post interactive demos on custom domains like help centers, landing pages, and your website.

    • Post demos on these spaces to increase conversions and generate more leads
    • Stay informed with webhooks that deliver up-to-date info on specific actions, triggers, and events in real time

    Custom domains and webhooks

    Showcase interactive demos with custom domains and use webhooks to monitor trigger-based actions.

    Share and embed interactive demos

    You’ll also be able to embed interactive demos on popular platforms like Notion, WordPress, Wix, GitBook, and Medium for more engagement.

    • Share demos as links with team members and customers to close more deals faster
    • Integrate with third-party apps like Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Pipedrive

    Platform integrations

    Embed interactive demos on websites like WordPress, Notion, and Shopify in just a few clicks.

    Fable lets you whip up stunning interactive demos that are customized for each buyer, so you can close more deals without breaking the bank.

    Craft stunning demos easily.

    Get lifetime access to Fable today!

    From the founders

    Deal Updates

    Hi Sumolings! 🙌🏼 

    Thank you for actively adding requests to our roadmap. 

    Keeping your requests in mind, here we are with some of the most requested features! 🥁

    Audio guides & Video guides! 🎉**

    Some quick notes on these features: 🚀

    - Until now, you were adding guides only in the form of text. You will now be able to add them in the form of audio/ video.

    - So instead of adding a text guide which had 1-2 sentences, you can choose to add audio/ video guides of 5-10 seconds for each step.

    - Each step in your demo can have any one of these guides based on your choice.

    - These are not background audio/ music options.

    - The limits to adding audio/ video guides to your workspace accounts are as mentioned in our tier description.

    - There are no streaming limits across the tiers: which means any number of your demo viewers can view your demo with audio/ video any number of times.

    **We’re also adding two additional tiers: 🥂**

    - A lot of you have requested us for more custom domains - so these new tiers will be helpful for you.

    - We’re also adding more minutes for audio/ video guides based on the tiers you choose.

    Clarifying a few other questions here that have been asked by some of you:

    - All existing users will get access to audio/ video guides in your dashboard.

    - The limits will be as per the tier description mentioned above.

    - We’re picking up more features based on your requests & will share updates shortly.

    **On exporting demos created using Fable:

    We’re working on exporting Fable demos as a GIF - and this would be live in the coming weeks. Further, we are also exploring a few other options with respect to exporting a Fable demo. We will share more info on these as and when we have a few updates. 

    And as you’re already aware, we’re having weekly webinars to help Sumo-lings:

    ❓ask any questions about our deal

    📖 learn how to use Fable & how we are not another screenshot tool

    🤯 what can you do with Fable’s fully interactive HTML demos 

    🗣️ discuss use cases &

    🔊 share feedback

    So do not forget to register for our upcoming weekly webinars here

    Here’s to building stunning interactive demos together,


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