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    Make your meetings interactive and engaging, through live polls such as Q&A and word clouds.

    Engage your audience and make meetings interactive with Feedbeo!

    Say goodbye to complex and expensive tools for Q&A and Live Polls. Our simple solution offers better engagement for all types of meetings.

    Create your account and start organizing your first event in less than 30 seconds! There's no need for the assistance of an IT Specialist to create and set up your account since there are no unnecessary buttons, complicated settings, or integrations.

    Organizers can easily create and share events via link, code, or QR Code, while participants can join without downloading any app, making it accessible to everyone with an internet connection.


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    Simplify engagement during meetings with Feedbeo's Q&A voting, live polls, and word clouds
    Share a Feedbeo link and #code to make every participant feel connected and included



    Transform your meetings into interactive events - whether they're hybrid, remote, or in-person, and increase engagement.

    Feedbeo offers a range of benefits to all Human Resources Managers, Team Leaders, People Specialists, Project Managers, People and Culture Specialists, Teachers, Trainers, and Conference Speakers out there!

    Our platform provides the simplest experience and user interface, with a beautiful design and no complicated setting features.

    It has all the question types you need, including Q&A voting, live polls, word clouds, rating, and more to transform any meeting into a collaborative and engaging event.

    Besides the feature-rich plan with moderation, Feedbeo also allows for unlimited participants, unlimited events, and no time limitations.

    Feedbeo's features make it perfect for all types of meetings across any industry.

    From brainstorming sessions to all-hands meetings, workshops, training sessions, lectures, town hall meetings, webinars, and more, Feedbeo creates endless possibilities.

    How does it work?

    It’s simple:

    1. First, create your event from scratch or with the help of our AI Assistant. You add the polls you wish to use by clicking on them.
    2. Then, customize your branding elements (logo and colors).
    3. After this, share the event with other teammates or with participants via link, #code, or QR CODE.
    4. Finally, analyze your event’s answers and share the report by downloading or sending the direct link with the results.

    If you’re unsure of how to start your event or need a bit of inspiration, you can use the AI Assistant. This Creative Co-Pilot creates the whole event for you, based on your prompt.

    Our AI was trained in the best practices, so after you give a brief description of your event and goals, the AI suggests a structured set of polls in the best format for your use case. The polls appear with a title, description, and in a specific order. You can still edit anything in the event and add or delete any poll.

    Feedbeo offers several types of polls you can choose from, according to your goals.

    Q&A - The audience submits questions or comments that you can then discuss live.

    Word Cloud - Participants write a word or phrase and the ones mentioned more times appear larger in the word cloud.

    Multiple Choice - Create a simple survey where participants are given a list of options and asked to choose one or more options.

    Scale - Present participants with a series of statements or questions and ask them to indicate their level of agreement using a scale.

    Open Text - Submit a question to the audience and let them answer freely with a sentence or paragraph.

    Ranking - Give the audience a set of items and ask them to prioritize or order them based on their preferences or importance.

    AI Feature - If you’re unsure of what type of poll to use and how to ask the question, let Feedbeo’s AI Assistant suggest the best poll based on your prompt.

    We help small and big teams. Whether your event has 5 or 500 people, everyone gets a voice.

    Ensure a smooth interaction between everyone in the meeting!

    Different types of visualizations

    Feedbeo offers 3 different views: the Moderator View to manage events; the TV View that showcases the answers live; and the Participant View where the audience answers and submits questions.

    As the event's organizer, you can manage all elements in the back office, while at the same time seeing how it will appear to the audience.


    Get valuable insights and make data-driven decisions thanks to the intuitive graphs that show your polls' results. Export the reports or share them directly with other teammates for further analysis.

    Transform your meetings into conversations where everyone actively shares ideas and gives feedback.

    So, why should you use Feedbeo?

    • Ask for real-time feedback
    • Get teammates' input and extract the best ideas
    • Promote a sense of belonging and show that everyone’s voice is heard
    • Test people’s knowledge before or after presentations
    • Break the ice when people don’t know each other well

    Are you ready to create your first event?

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