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    Collect audio, video, and text testimonials to grow a user-centered brand

    Without user reviews, new customers aren’t going to believe the hype about your business. (“I don’t know how to prove this, but I’m kind of a big deal.”)

    Too bad you don’t have the time to gather feedback and publish it across channels all by yourself.

    If only there was a feedback platform that let you collect audio and video testimonials from your biggest fans.

    Make way for Feedspace.


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    Display testimonials and reviews in a "Wall of Love" that you can showcase online
    Collect and share audio or video testimonials to build organic trust for your business


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    Feedspace is a feedback platform that lets you collect audio, video, and text testimonials to build trust and grow a user-centered brand.

    With Feedspace, you’ll be able to collect high-quality audio testimonials from your loyal customers.

    All you have to do is create an audio form and leave detailed instructions for your customers to follow.

    So even if your customers are camera shy, they can still share authentic feedback about your business with a voice recording.

    Audio feed

    Make it easy for customers to record reviews on the audio feed.

    Want to spotlight your extroverted customers? Collect video testimonials to capture user personalities and build trust with new leads.

    Just like with audio, Feedbase lets you get video testimonials by linking to your video form, posting it on your socials, or sharing the QR code directly.

    Once the reviews start pouring in, it’s a cinch to organize feedback into separate collections for video, audio, and text feeds.

    Video feed

    Make it easy for customers to record video testimonials about their experiences.

    This platform also lets you display high-value testimonials on a “Wall of Love” digital billboard that you can host online or embed on your website.

    You’ll be able to cherry-pick the featured testimonials and feeds, giving you total control over what your leads see first.

    Plus, you can include a call-to-action button to guide folks to specific sites and boost key conversions.

    Wall of Love

    Place your best testimonials on a Wall of Love and embed it on your website.

    To take things up a notch, you can fetch data using APIs for multiple social media platforms to gather all your user feedback in one place.

    And since it’s a breeze to organize and manage feeds on a real-time dashboard, you’ll be able to share stellar reviews across all your channels.

    Feedspace dashboard

    Manage feedback across social media platforms with a real-time dashboard

    Selling to new customers can feel like you’re pitching a business idea on Shark Tank. (“And because you don’t have any verified reviews, I’m out.”)

    Lucky for you, Feedspace is packed with features to help you collect authentic customer testimonials and build trust with new prospects.

    Grow your brand with user feedback.

    Get lifetime access to Feedspace today!

    From the founders

    Deal Update Post (3/19/24)

    Hey Sumo-lings,

    We have more exciting updates for you! We appreciate the support so far and loving the feedback. Keep it coming.

    HUGE update based on overwhelming number of requests: 

    ⭐️ Whitelabel is now live on Tier 4 💪

    Other important updates available NOW:

    📈 Import reviews from Amazon

    📈 Import reviews from Play store

    📈 Import reviews from Tripadvisor

    📈 Wall of love Embed is live

    📈 Video/Audio download is live for all tiers

    Next priority updates:

    🚀 Invite team members and team access

    🚀 Multi language support

    🚀 Make.com integration

    🚀 Adding name & email to text feeds

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