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    Find anything you need across every internal app with this AI-powered search engine

    You’d think searching for a document would be simple now that basically everything’s stored digitally. (“Maybe the real treasure was the files we found along the way.”)

    Even if you try to organize your files, you’re still stuck sifting through all your internal applications just to get the one thing you need.

    That’s why you need an AI tool that can search through all your company apps at once and find exactly what you’re looking for in a snap.

    Meet Findr.


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    Take advantage of this AI search engine to find any document, link, or chat history in a few minutes
    Integrate with third-party apps, like Slack, Google Drive, and Notion, and connect multiple accounts at once



    Findr is a privacy-first, AI search engine that integrates with company apps, without downloading or indexing your data.

    Search engine for the workplace

    Findr’s AI search engine can find what you need across every internal app in your company’s tech stack.

    • Find specific documents, links, and conversation histories—no matter how old
    • Eliminate all the extra busywork and get your job done faster

    AI search engine

    Search through any internal app and find what you need in minutes.

    Your new AI-powered assistant

    In just a few minutes, Findr’s AI can answer questions, locate action items, and pull up relevant documents.

    • Ask the AI any questions and turn your tech stack into a knowledge base
    • Search for content and let the AI generate summaries to save even more time

    AI-powered assistant

    Get search results with answers, summaries, action items, and documents.

    Seamless third-party integrations

    You’ll be able to easily connect Findr with internal apps, maximizing efficiency across your entire company.

    • Integrate with third-party apps like Slack, Google Workspace, Figma, and Notion
    • Use the multi-account integration to chat with multiple accounts at once

    Integrate third-party apps

    Integrate all the third-party applications that power your company!

    Chat with your knowledge base

    • Chat directly with this search engine like you’re talking to ChatGPT
    • Let the AI to write emails using relevant information like email templates

    And best of all, this privacy-first search engine will never download or index any of your data!

    Chat with AI

    Chat with the AI and have it write all your emails using relevant info.

    Stop wasting time browsing! Findr’s AI can scour internal apps to pull up whatever you need from documents and links to conversations.

    Search all your apps at once.

    Get lifetime access to Findr today!

    From the founders

    A new update from Findr

    Hey Sumo-lings, 

    We've had an incredible journey with you all during this campaign! This week has been deeply moving for the Findr team after months of hard work. The feedback, reviews, bug reports, and feature suggestions from everyone have been amazing 🚀 We can't thank you enough! 🙌

    We are shipping every week and will share weekly updates with you!

    16th May

    • Bookmarks: Bookmark results and stay on top of your most opened Gmails, Sheets, or any other search results.
    • Improved UI/UX: We’ve revamped the home screen, enhanced transitions, and overall made the app much smoother… me, you will love it!

    31st May

    • New Integrations: HubSpot, Dropbox, and Salesforce, with 1-2 new apps integrated weekly.
    • Search History: View up to 50 past searches to track your information queries.
    • White Label Solutions: Customize with your branding and domain through T5 technology.

    12th June

    • New Integration: Launched Asana and Shortcut
    • Fixes: Fixed Dropbox Business and Minor issues with HubSpot
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