FlyMSG: AI Writer, Text Expander, AI Post Generator & LinkedIn Commenting

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    FlyMSG: an AI Writer, Text Expander, AI Post Generator & LinkedIn Commenting SUPER Productivity App!

    Type Less. Do More. Save 20/hr+ per month with an AI writer, autofill text expander, AI post generator and LinkedIn AI commenting tool all in ONE super productivity application. It's called FlyMSG.

    With the latest release, FlyMSG AI comes alive. FlyMSG AI contains a series of micro-products including FlyEngage AI, FlyPosts AI, and others that are soon to be launched. Each of these tools can be leveraged in your plan.

    FlyMSG works as an extension on your browser and is powered by Google AI Palm 2 (Powering Bard) & Microsoft Azure Open AI (ChatGPT 4, GPT 3 and GPT 3.5). It’s more than magical; it’s super fly!

    Create your own snippets or shortcuts (we call them FlyCuts), email templates, messaging snippets, inMail messages and more... Now you can store them all in the cloud! And leverage over 200 FlyPlates (messaging templates) for any occasion that you can choose from to use anywhere online.

    With just a few short keystrokes FlyMSG will autopopulate forms, fields, emails, social media, Slack messages, or you fill in the blank, and you’ll be saving an hour a day.


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    Automates the written word by removing the time drain it takes to find, copy, paste or write messages
    Saves top users on average 20 hours a month in personal productivity with just a few short keystrokes



    Type Less and Do More. With you've got your own AI writer to build out and write text in seconds.
    Create a shortcut or a snippet (aka FlyCut) to use to eliminate repetitive typing or to fill in an online form.

    Create FlyCuts (aka shortcodes, shortcuts, or snippets) to expand, autofill, augment and/or replace text as you type!

    You guessed it, is the personal writing assistant and text expander.

    FlyMSG is your go-to personal writing assistant and default text expander tool.

    With Fly Engage AI, leverage the best AI-powered LinkedIn commenting tool to write your comments and create engagement.

    Long gone are the wasted hours you spend combing through LinkedIn post after post just to figure out the best post to “comment” with your buyers. Then, once you’ve found it, it takes you 5-15 minutes to write the perfect LinkedIn comment. We can do it in less than 3-seconds. It's Human Assisted AI.

    Now you can use Google AI (Palm 2) and OpenAI Chat GPT for LinkedIn engagement and commenting in REAL-TIME! Being able to engage AI right within your LinkedIn and or LinkedIn Sales Navigator engagement workflow is power beyond what is normal.

    FlyEngage AI is designed to help you connect you with your buyers using AI on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    With Fly Engage AI you can scale comments using the best AI writing app for LinkedIn comments in 39 major languages! Whatever the language that the LinkedIn post is written in is the language we’ll write a LinkedIn comment in!

    Imagine having your own engage AI assistant every time you click comment on a LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator post. Now that's fly!

    Save your favorite prompts too as a FlyCut and expand them instantly using our text expander on our AI or any ChtatGPT prompt!

    Be efficient on any platform anywhere online.

    Forget the hours you waste building, organizing, copying and pasting email or message templates into your CRM, online forms, Google Sheets, LinkedIn or any web-based application. can be found on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    Get access today!

    Have an unlimited number of FlyCuts & leverage over 200 FlyPlates (templates) for any occasion. All organized in the ☁️! is a business productivity app that helps: Sellers, Human Resources, Customer Service, Customer Success, Business Owners, Recruiters, Accounting and Finance Professionals, and just about anyone who sits with a computer and works every day save 20 hours/month or more.

    Yes, this application can help just about anyone you can think of!

    A social media AI post generator designed to help users create social posts right from within LinkedIn’s “Start a Post."

    FlyPosts AI is an AI post generator and can be used to create a LinkedIn post. It is different than FlyEngage AI which is used for LinkedIn Comment creation with AI.

    In other words, it’s a social media AI-powered application designed to help users create social posts right from within LinkedIn’s “Start a Post” function.

    It has AI post generation features which include pre-defined prompts on various topics, and it allows the user to do custom AI prompts. FlyPosts AI helps users save time and improve social media marketing as an AI writer. Doing so helps to drive more sales leads via social selling, develop company or personal brand awareness and/or help sellers or customer service agents engage with the intended target audience.

    FlyPosts AI is designed for sellers, business owners, executives, social media marketers, customer-facing personnel, or anyone who wants to develop their personal or company brand and connect with customers through social media.

    FlyPosts AI can be used to create personal or LinkedIn company page posts, and it will soon be available on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

    From the founders

    First Post from the Founder

    Hey everyone 👋 I’m Mario, founder of – a super productivity app that expands text anywhere online, writes for you and helps you scale buyer engagement on social media. We’ll keep this one short and sweet…

    What is FlyMSG?

    We can help you save 1-hr. a day in productivity by helping you eliminate the challenges of storing, finding, copying and pasting and writing. Think a text expander, social media post generator, and social media AI commenting on platforms like LinkedIn were merged all into one!

    Is there a FlyMSG Simulator?

    Glad you asked - simply click here.

    Why did we create FlyMSG?

    We originally created this for sales people who are using lots of "templates" every day and are spending many hours per day storing, finding, copying and pasting messages into the 7-12 SaaS applications they traverse daily. The problem was and still continues to be that we begin to store things in a Google Doc, Word Doc, Evernote, Notepad, Notebook, draft email or worse yet we "hunt and peck" for these templates inside our sent folder. No doubt this is a waste of valuable time.

    We then discovered that it was more than just sales people that had the exact same problem. We had everyone from real estate agents, to college professors, to digital pharmacists and just about anyone who wanted to type less and do more and get rid of the mundane repetitive work.

    What are we trying to do with FlyMSG?

    We see our average user save 22 hours a month and power users over 30 hours a month! You read that right. What we are trying to do is return time in your day, so you can focus on what you care most about.

    Where does FlyMSG work? is designed to be integrated into whatever online platform/tech you use. We have integration via plugins/capabilities for HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outlook online, Gmail, Zendesk and millions of other websites.

    What's included in FlyMSG?

    1. FlyMSG - The Auto Text Expander - Helps sellers, customer success/service and anyone "deploy messaging" or "snippets" of messages anywhere online.

    2. FlyEngage AI - Used for "engaging with AI on LinkedIn" to help you speed up commenting on posts.

    3. FlyPosts AI - The AI Social Post Generator Used for "creating thought leadership" content on LinkedIn status posts.

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