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    Focusmate is an online coworking platform that helps you beat distractions and get things done

    Plus members can now access the “AppSumo Plus” Focusmate group to connect and cowork three times a week for free.


    Focusmate changes the way you work by connecting you to others who have committed to being accountable for finishing their most important work.

    You choose a time to work, and Focusmate pairs you with an accountability partner for a live, virtual coworking session that will keep you on task.

    At the end of the session, check in with your partner and celebrate your progress!


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    Virtual coworking for getting anything done
    Focusmate is for anyone who wants to get things done



    Meet the most supportive community on earth.

    Global Community

    Students, engineers, homemakers (and more) join from 150+ countries and support each other to get stuff done.

    Focus for a bit, or for a while.

    25, 50, & 75 minute sessions

    Use 25-minute sessions to finish quick tasks, or focus for longer with 50 and 75-minute sessions.

    Focus seamlessly.

    Favorite Partners

    Whether you enjoyed working with a partner and would like to see them again or just want to cowork with a friend, Favorites makes it easy to choose who you work with.

    Using Focusmate is as easy as 1-2-3.

    Native video

    Book and join your sessions quickly and easily, without having to worry about downloading and opening additional apps.


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