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    Powerful No-Code form builder to make any kind of forms in minutes

    Build powerful forms that convert without coding.

    Just 3 simple steps to get ready with your form: create, publish, and share.

    Introducing FormNX.


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    A no-code form building solution that helps you build forms in minutes
    Powerful and user-friendly drag-n-drop form builder web app



    Form Elements present in FormNX

    The simple yet powerful Drag-n-Drop interface is not only very easy to understand but also pleasant to you and your visitors' eyes.

    With field inputs ranging from a simple HTML field to a complex matrix table, we bring all the nuts-n-bolts with lots of options to build any type of form.

    Every field comes with a lot of configuration options to make it adapt to your needs.

    You can even set validation like Required, Less than, Greater Than, Equals To, Starts With, Ends With, Contains, and many more...

    Some features present in FormNX

    FormNX is a powerhouse of Top-Notch features.

    No matter if you need a simple contact form or a powerful form, you can always rely on FormNX as your tool of choice.

    💥Did you say templates? That's where FormNX comes in! You can choose from 1000's of ready-made templates (and growing every day) professionally crafted to fit your purpose. Simply search, select, and use.

    🔐Everyone hates Bots, We too. Keep bots and spammers away with advanced reCAPTCHA protection. No more juggling with spam or automated data.

    🧑‍🤝‍🧑Invite your teammates, assign them roles, collaborate & share or delegate your work to them using the FormNX Workspace feature

    📊Additionally, don't just collect data. Make intelligent sense out of it with reporting tools, pie charts, and bar graphs.

    Share Form links or Embed Anywhere

    No CMS dependencies!

    You can Embed or Directly Share form links anywhere or everywhere, Without Coding!

    Inside the publish tab directly copy the form link, Form Shorten Link, Copy-Paste Embed Code, Popup code.

    Also, configure the popup with many different triggers!

    Easily Integrate forms with other application

    Don't let your form alone.

    Use FormNX's powerful Webhook integration to automate with 1000's of applications within minutes.

    💰 Want to collect payment for Services, Products, Bookings, or any other reason? No Problem! You got it with 2 click Stripe Integration

    With Webhook you can hook your application to 1000's external apps, it maybe CRM or automation tools like Zapier.

    Google Sheet, Mailchimp & many more integration to help you with your business.

    Thousands of possibilities, here are a few examples!

    Simple or Complex forms, don't matter when you've FormNX.

    Don't wait Grab this lifetime access to FormNX today!

    From the founders

    cname or Custom Domain (Coming Soon)

    As of writing this cname or custom domain feature is under development.

    We're working on releasing it asap with a right simplified setup.

    ✅ All Appsumo FormNX customers will get the cname feature.

    • Plan 1 - 2 custom domain
    • Plan 2 - 10 custom domain
    • Plan 3 & above - Unlimited custom domain

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Meanwhile, we recommend that you embed the forms in your website.

    FormNX provides simple copy-paste code to embed forms in your website (any CMS & any technology).

    If any further queries reach out to support.

    Thank you!

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