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    Frank AI is a blazingly fast iOS and web app that lets you use the latest AI models from your pocket

    Frank AI is a model aggregator for iOS that lets you use the latest AI models in your phone – for creating, working, or finding information.

    It supports GPT-4 Turbo and comes with the first ever iOS GPT-4 Keyboard Extension.

    Users love Frank because of his ease-of-use, speed, and context understanding - no matter what model you use.

    Our mission with Frank is making prompting and interacting with complex AI models easier for everyone, so everyone can get value from the powerful tools that come out every day.


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    Human-like AI companion
    GPT-4o powered AI assistant



    Meet your new best friend: Frank!

    Frank makes using AI easy for all.

    No more context switching, or moving from different models and platforms to get what you need.

    Talk to Frank like never before in flowing, human-like dialogue.

    He understands audio, video, images, and text.

    Frank AI supports over 130 languages (with more being added every day).

    Built on groundbreaking GPT-4o multimodal AI technology, Frank understands your natural language.

    He provides accurate and relevant answers, whether you use text or voice to ask your question.

    He can also generate any image or text based on your prompts and find any information.

    Combining the power of audio, photos, and text, Frank AI has all your bases covered.

    Simple and blazingly fast, Frank is quick to help you with any question or content.

    He interacts with you along the way to refine or edit his responses to make it perfect.

    Available in over 130 languages worldwide, Frank works wherever you are in the world!

    Whatever your question, Frank AI will have your answer.

    Talk with Frank AI chat using voice or text - he understands your query and provides responses instantly.

    He can answer in both text and voice.

    Get help with anything you need.

    Harness the power of a faster conversational AI.

    With this deal, you'll also get unlimited messages.

    What are you still waiting for?

    Get access to Frank AI today!

    From the founders

    A message from Frank

    Get personal. Who are you and why are you here?

    Hello Sumo-lings! Today we're excited to introduce Frank - the blazingly fast and human-like AI assistant.

    After building different AI tools for the last 18 months, we wanted to take our building experience and combine the many different AI apps we've built into one, powerful product.

    Spending hundreds of hours in the AI trenches, building on different models and experimenting on many different products, Frank is our ultimate vision for an assistant we always dreamed of having.

    Tell us about your company and tool

    With Frank, you get powerful AI capabilities in one smooth experience.

    Different from other AI apps, Frank is extensively fine-tuned to be fast, accurate and easy to talk to - while also being completely private.

    Frank gives you work tools like PDF upload, website analysis, co-writing, image generation and more, all to enhance your productivity and creativity while still ensuring your privacy.

    Why did you build it? What is the background story?

    We've always been obsessed with clean design, ease-of-use and privacy, as designers and product nerds we wanted to make AI interaction fun, valuable and safe for anyone, regardless of technical skill.

    We started Frank with this mission in mind - to make the latest cutting edge LLM models available and easy to use for anyone, in any language, anywhere in the world.

    Since launch over 140,000 users from over 100+ countries have used Frank in their daily life or work.

    Explain use cases, important features, and how customers are finding value

    Frank is loaded with features, and one we're particularly proud of is the Frank iOS Keyboard Extension:


    The Frank AI Keyboard is a cutting-edge AI-powered keyboard that gives you the full power of Frank in all your iOS apps - write LinkedIn posts or Tweets in seconds, send emails or generate images right from your keyboard, in any app.

    • Custom keyboard prompts

    • Personalize your own native AI keyboard menu

    • Compatible with 500,000+ iOS apps

    • Chat interface directly in the keyboard

    Full feature list:

    • Communicate with Frank using text or voice in any language
    • Frank iOS Keyboard Extension (Compatible with over 500.000+ iOS apps)
    • End-to-end encrypted chats
    • Home screen & Lock screen widgets on iOS
    • Memory prompt: Enter personal prompts to add them to Franks memory.
    • Analyze images: Upload one or multiple images, and they will be analyzed with GPT-4 Vision.
    • Scanned Texts: Capture image and run it as a prompt
    • Transcriptions: AI voice from text + read out in the app
    • Text-to-speech in app: Communicate with Frank like a person
    • Analyze websites: enter any website url into Frank
    • Analyze files: Upload any file with text (PDFs, CSV, JSON, and more)
    • Image generation with DALL-E 3
    • Supported models: GPT 3.5, GPT4, GPT4 Vision, GPT4o, DALLE-3

    Future updates will include full GPT4o Voice capabilities, turning Frank into your personal friend, assistant, or co-worker through advanced, human-like voice communication with full multimodal capabilities.

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