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    AI learning assistant that helps you to learn any subject -- faster

    GAJIX is a cutting-edge AI learning assistant.

    It is designed to revolutionize the way you learn and master new subjects.


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    Understand every subject, and every website – fast
    Experience the future of learning with the GAJIX AI assistant



    Welcome to the future of learning.

    Combining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly interface, GAJIX is the ultimate learning tool.

    If you're a student, a professional, a lifelong learner, or basically anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and productivity, then GAJIX is for you.

    Ask the right questions, get the full picture as well as instant insights and experience, and understand the "why."

    ✅ Simplified Overviews and Explanations

    GAJIX breaks down complex subjects and topics into easily digestible overviews.

    ✅ The Best Questions for Deeper Learning

    GAJIX curates the most relevant and thought-provoking questions to help you delve deeper into any topic and enhance your understanding.

    Fully Understand

    Backed by psychological insights, GAJIX’s “Understand” feature is revolutionary, it can help you understand any subject or topic you are viewing.

    Enjoy up to a 75% increase in productivity after using GAJIX.

    ✅ Comprehensive Syllabus

    Load every topic and subtopic in a subject with GAJIX's full syllabus feature, ensuring you cover all essential aspects of a subject.

    ✅ Goal-Driven Learning

    Tell GAJIX your learning objectives, and it will tailor your learning path, highlighting the importance of each topic and subtopic in achieving your goals.

    Career Discovery

    Not sure which career you want to do? GAJIX can help! It can then provide a learning path for you to start that career.

    Ready to unlock your potential? Let GAJIX show you how!

    ✅ Real-World Experience

    GAJIX goes beyond theoretical knowledge by helping you gain practical, real-world experience in any given topic.

    ✅ Ask Anything

    Engage with GAJIX by asking your own questions on a topic and receive related questions to further expand your understanding.

    Check out some of the many institutions that are using GAJIX every day.

    Get access to GAJIX now!

    From the founders

    5th November 2023

    Hey AppSumo Community!

    First of all I want to say thank you for your support, the feedback we have received since launching this exclusive life time offer has been overwhelmingly positive. Those of you that have signed up already; we are thrilled to have you join us at team GAJIX as we go on this very exciting journey to help you learn faster than ever.

    Our aim at GAJIX is to assist everyone with their own learning goals. Knowing you believe in what we are doing and seeing our users gain so much from the platform already makes us incredibly proud.

    About GAJIX

    GAJIX is the start of an idea that has been over 10 years in the making - I personally have spent years self-studying a variety of subjects including education, psychology, technology, AI and economics, driven by the urge to want to help others and improve social mobility.

    The recent advancements of AI have made this dream possible and we are now perfectly placed to apply our knowledge and insights through GAJIX to help everyone reach their own learning goals in a faster and more accessible way than ever before.

    At GAJIX we believe that just acquiring knowledge is not enough, our aim is to help our users to then apply what they have learnt in order to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. We want to reach people from all educational backgrounds and that’s why our tool is simple to use and accessible to all.

    The GAJIX journey is just beginning, with more exciting features and a multitude of capabilities ahead. We hope you decide to join us too as we continue to build a community of confident, driven, self-educated learners.

    Thank you,


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