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    Talent & skills assessment platform to help you hire and retain the best candidates

    Let's be honest: just CVs, indeed, don't work.

    It's high time to embrace unbiased hiring with our screening process automation, eliminating unconscious bias.

    Not just hiring, but go beyond just hiring! Getting a suitable candidate is just the beginning. You need to be more invested in their growth and performance. Keep candidates motivated to enhance and learn new things at work.

    Want to know exactly what your applicants know and ensure all have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills, plus timely check your team's skills growth?

    Say hello to Gappeo.

    Gappeo is a skills-assessment platform to help hire the best talent based on the roles or skills you need. Gappeo not only helps with hiring the best talent but also helps with on-the-job skills growth to make the rockstar team for success.

    With over 800+ tests built by global experts and practitioners, it provides the best pre and post-employment testing, helping find skills-ready talent and measure growth and ROI.

    Go beyond just candidate assessments!


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    Go beyond candidate assessments
    From pre-employment to on-the-job, everyone needs a check



    Gappeo has over 800 assessments based on job roles across functional, behavioural, analytical, coding and much more.

    Get access to Quality Assessment that saves your hiring time with Gappeo.

    Test a candidate based on the job role or skills.

    Gappeo Assessment Suite include:

    • Core/Functional Skills
    • Cognitive & Analytical Skills
    • Coding Assessments
    • Personality Assessments
    • Organisation & Culture Skills
    • Language Skills

    Access to 800+ scientifically designed tests for over 1200 job roles.

    Create your own customised tests to get a deep dive report on their skills to find a fit with Gappeo.

    From marketing and sales to technical roles, we have got you covered for all. Job role or skill-based, it has all you can think of while testing a candidate.

    Built by global practitioners, our tests identify talent best in class.

    Create test packs to make standard assessments to meet your hiring needs.

    Gappeo provides timely reviews that’s equally important. Go beyond just hiring!

    Getting a suitable candidate is just the beginning. You need to be more invested in their growth and performance.

    Our advanced tests help keep teams motivated to enhance and learn new things at work.

    Get your organizational capability reports to plan your ROI and growth. Do not stop by just hiring a good candidate.

    Build the culture of performance measurement to succeed. Plan growth journeys for every team member, involving them in growth decisions.

    Top talent is priceless, and retaining them is even more.

    Gappeo has everything that you need to hire the best talent, track their on-job performance and make a great impression.

    Bring your candidates' testing together.

    Gappeo's adaptive AI-inbuilt assessments are crafted with global experts to anchor strengths of each candidate. Begin with selecting the test format of your choice and even create your own test packs mapping relevant skill (functional or behavioural) to meet your organisation's need.

    You can choose tests based on job roles, skills or create your own tests for different skills or positions.

    Select single or multiple tests, and invite candidates in just one click.

    Using Gappeo, you can create and customize tests for any job title, any skill - no code required.

    Gappeo provides a highly secured test environment for every candidate.

    Gappeo uses the world’s most powerful (and fun) testing platform empowered with Video interviews, MCQs, or Essays, all our tests are proctored and highly secured.

    All our tests are browser-based with Screen Locking and Recording.We use best-in-class exam security and anti-cheating technologies without plugins or extensions.

    What could you do with Gappeo?

    ✓ Access over 800 skill adaptive tests and invite candidates to access their skills.

    ✓ Customize and create your own assessments. Mix multiple skills to create one test.

    ✓ Create your own assessments by adding your own questions.

    ✓ Add qualifying and additional questions.

    ✓ Invite users by one click with capability to bulk upload or generate assessment links.

    ✓ One click assessment reports for each candidate.

    ✓ Assessments supported - MCQ’s, Essay Questions, True/False, Images, (In development - File upload, Video Questions, Audio Questions, Coding Questions).

    ✓ Access to coding questions for hiring the tech-talent.

    Access comprehensive assessment report. Gappeo helps with data driven hiring and retaining decisions.

    With Gappeo, you have once-click real-time assessment results.

    Centralized and powerful reports with user-level data and analytics. Analyze and decide on the best candidates based on the scores. Get access to in-depth scores across different knowledge areas across the skills tested.

    Personality to skills evaluation. Access the best assessments to get a 360-degree anchors report. Get timely insights on organizational skills levels across all teams to achieve business growth.

    Gappeo assessments are designed to identify your organization's top talent so you can make better hiring decisions. Gappeo assessments are standardized across industries and job functions, so you can be confident that the results are meaningful and relevant to your needs.

    So, why wait? We all have to hire and grow. Let’s take your hiring to the next level and make it effective, efficient and easy.

    Here is why Gappeo is the best alternate for enterprises of all sizes.

    Get lifetime access to Gappeo today!

    From the founders

    Upgrade: Gappeo is Now Available in Multiple Languages! 🌍

    Dear Sumolings,

    We are thrilled to announce that Gappeo, your trusted platform for comprehensive assessments, is now available in multiple languages! Our mission has always been to make quality assessments accessible to everyone, and this expansion is a big step towards that goal.

    Currently, you can use Gappeo in:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Italian
    • German

    You can access the "Select Language" option while creating an assessment. We understand the importance of catering to diverse linguistic needs, and we are committed to continuously expanding our language offerings. If you require assessments in other languages, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us prioritize which languages to add next.

    Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals with Gappeo, now in your preferred language!

    NOTE: You can also now see the sample questions for each Gappeo test from the Test Library section.

    Best regards,


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