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Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

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Who doesn’t love searching for leads, amirite?

50+ hours a week doing research, updating spreadsheets, and just a general sense of hopelessness. Sign me up!

But if that isn’t your thing and you’re more of an “I like to find my leads within minutes” type of guy/gal, then today is your lucky day.

Meet GoPinLeads.


Gather leads locally or globally in seconds

Access business Information from more than 250 countries

See venue, employee details, emails, phone numbers, social media profiles

Increase productivity by reducing hours spent looking for leads

GoPinLeads is a B2B tool that uses Google Maps to instantly generate a ton of sales leads, anywhere in the world.

This lead generating tool is incredibly easy to use — you can search GoPinLeads's database with either their Chrome extension or by launching their web app. (If you know how to search for a restaurant on Google Maps, then you can use GoPinLeads.)

GoPinLeads is able to get you all of the contact info you want by searching millions of websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate sites and databases in US, UK, NZ, AU, CA, and 245 other countries.

All you have to do is select the location you want to search, insert a keyword or two, and bam! GoPinLeads will fetch you venues (businesses) and their employees’ email addresses, phone numbers, social media, and more!

With each search you’ll get a spreadsheet of data with three tabs: Venues, Leads, and Leads with no name.

Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

This is the fastest way to extract valuable leads from local businesses (e.g., taco stands in Austin, bicycle shops in London, hotels in Sydney, etc.)

But let’s take it one step further.

As an agency, you can use GoPinLeads to show potential clients a list of their potential clients.

So say you wanted to a local restaurant to hire you, you could show them a list of local food distributors they could use to cut costs. (Yeah, there are levels to this. And yeah, you’re hired.)

Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

People all over the world are generating leads with GoPinLeads, but they're not getting the kind of exclusive access we're bringing you with this custom AppSumo deal:

  • 200 credits per month (a credit gives one row of data from either the venues tab or the leads tab in the spreadsheet; only rows with phone numbers or emails will be counted towards credits)

  • 800 emails per month (average number of emails gathered; emails within the leads with no name tab are on the house)

  • Unlimited venues per search via the Chrome extension + 5 venues per search via the GoPinLeads web app

  • Search results include venue, employee details, emails, phone numbers, social media profiles (some info is subject to availability)

  • Chrome extension and Web App

  • Available within the browser on all major devices

Usually, this kind of lead gen would cost you over $100 a year.

But right now, you can grab lifetime access for just $39!

So you have no reason not to start generating leads and killin' the conversion game with the click of your mouse. 

And for you lead hoarders, go ahead and stack as many codes as you want!

Find hot local leads now!

Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

When compared to similar tools, GoPinLeads really shines in targeting particular areas. Rather than just give you generic results, it really dives deeper into local areas.

But don’t get it twisted, GoPinLeads still has that global reach with a database that contains 75M+ companies and 300M employees in 250+ countries.

Something else the other tools won’t give you: phone numbers for your leads so you can turn cold calls into warm leads.

Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

You’ve got places to be, deals to close, and tacos to eat. You can’t afford to waste precious time on menial tasks.

Let GoPinLeads help you create actionable lists of local qualified leads within minutes.

Get lifetime access for just $39!

Start finding leads now!

    • Plans and Features

    • One Time Purchase of

      • Lifetime Access to GoPinLeads

      • 200 Credits per Month (that's over 800 emails per month)

      • Results for searches conducted including Venue, Employee details, emails, phone numbers, social media profiles

      • Access to Chrome extension and Web App

      • Can stack an unlimited amount of times

      • Access to new features

      • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

    • Select More Codes

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