GPT, GPT-4o, Perplexity, Gemini, Mistral, Claude for Sheets

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Integrate the AI capabilities of GPT, Gemini, Claude, Mistral directly into your Google Sheets

    Introducing GPT, DALLE, Gemini, Claude, Mistral, Perplexity for Sheets, your AI-powered assistant for Google Sheets, now with capabilities for bulk SEO tasks.

    NEW! Support GPT-4o

    Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to seamless automation. With GPT for Sheets, you can streamline tasks like content creation, translation, data extraction, and categorization, as well as generate title tags, descriptions, keywords, articles, and product descriptions in bulk, saving time and boosting productivity


    Plus, enjoy unlimited requests with your API keys for GPT, Claude, Perplexity, Gemini, Mistral, empowering you to scale your operations effortlessly.

    Whether you're writing product descriptions, translating text into multi-languages, organizing spreadsheet data, or optimizing SEO elements at scale.


    Also it support WEB SCRAPING, SERP, API()


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    Doc GPT streamlines content creation and data extraction in Google Sheets
    Translate, extract, categorize—Doc GPT enhances productivity with AI-powered efficiency



    Streamline content creation effortlessly in Google Sheets.

    Leverage GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude for Google Sheets to streamline content creation and product description writing directly within Google Sheets.

    Seamlessly generate engaging copy and captivating product narratives with the power of AI at your fingertips.


    API() - GET, POST content from Sheets to your site/service

    GPT-3, GPT-4, GPT VISIONS (image ,creation, recognition)

    =GPT(prompt, [value])




    =GPT_IMAGE(url, prompt)

    =GPT_TAG(text, [tags])

    =GPT_EXTRACT(text, to_extract)

    =GPT_TRANSLATE(text, target, [source])

    =GPT_SUMMARIZE(text, [format])

    =GPT_FORMAT(text, source, target)

    =GPT_CLASSIFY(text, categories)

    =GPT_FILL(examples, inputs)

    =GPT_LIST(prompt, [value])

    =GPT_HLIST(prompt, [value])

    =GPT_SPLIT(text, split_by)

    =GPT_HSPLIT(text, split_by)

    =GPT_APPLY(text, [task])

    =GPT_TABLE(prompt, headers)









    Break language barriers with GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude, Perplexity for Google Sheets translation capabilities.

    Break down language barriers and expand your global reach by translating text into over 90+ languages instantly.

    With GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude, Perplexity for Google Sheets's translation capabilities, ensure your content resonates with audiences worldwide.

    Extract valuable information with precision using GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude, Perplexity for Google Sheets.

    Harness the power of GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude, Perplexity for Google Sheets to extract valuable information from your spreadsheet data with unparalleled accuracy.

    Easily identify and extract emails, names, and other essential data points, saving you time and effort.

    Organize and analyze data efficiently with GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude for Google Sheets's categorization features.

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    Efficiently organize and analyze your data by categorizing text with keywords and tags. GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Claude for Google Sheets empowers you to streamline data management and gain actionable insights from your spreadsheet content.

    Elevate your productivity, streamline your workflows, and unlock the full potential of your spreadsheet data.

    Try GPT, Gemini, Mistral, Perplexity, Claude for Google Sheets now and revolutionize how you work.

    From the founders

    Hello from Yaro

    What's up, Sumo-lings! 🚀

    This is Yaro with GPT, Gemini, Claude, Mistral for Google Sheets!

    A little bit about myself: I'm passionate about creating tools that enhance productivity and streamline workflows. I started this venture because I saw a need for smarter solutions in Google Sheets that could automate tasks and boost efficiency for individuals and businesses alike. With a background in software development and a knack for problem-solving, I embarked on this journey to bring innovative solutions to the table.

    What can you expect from this deal? You'll gain access to a suite of powerful tools designed to supercharge your Google Sheets experience. From advanced data analysis with GPT to seamless integration with Gemini, Claude, and Mistral, you'll have everything you need to take your content generation to the next level.

    - Content creation

    - Bulk SEO generation

    - Product Descriptions

    and much more

    Top FAQs:

    What AI models does it support?

    - Currently it support GPT, Claude, Gemini, Mistral

    How difficult is it to set up and start using these tools?

    - Install the add-on

    - Open a new Spreadsheet document

    - Launch the Add-On

    - Provide your keys

    - Take your content generation to the next level!

    Are there any recurring fees or subscriptions?

    Nope! This is a one-time purchase deal, so you'll have unlimited access to all the features and updates included in the package without any additional costs.

    👉 You can reach me at or twitter:



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