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    Maximize ROAS from your Google and Meta ads using this AI-powered marketing dashboard

    When there’s money on the line, your marketing strategy shouldn’t feel like throwing darts in the dark. (“You call it guessing. We call it testing.”)

    Truth is, you’re wasting money on underperforming ads, but you can’t stop running campaigns if you want to grow your Shopify store.

    That’s why you need an AI platform to help you optimize ad performance, scale ad spend, and start turning a profit.

    Say hello to Growify.


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    Track omnichannel ad performance and customer journeys to increase ROAS and reduce customer acquisition costs
    Forecast future campaign performance and optimize ad spend with AI-powered predictions



    Growify is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps you optimize and scale ad spend across Meta and Google campaigns.

    Design your own dashboards

    With Growify’s main dashboard, you can keep track of real-time campaign performance across multiple channels.

    • Analyze campaigns, creatives, platforms, and product performance
    • Customize your dashboard using drag-and-drop functionality
    • Pin the most important metrics to the top of your dashboard

    Customizable dashboard

    Track your KPIs across multiple channels with a customizable dashboard.

    Optimize your creative direction

    Growify lets you analyze performance across images, videos, and copy, so you can identify high-converting variations and adjust your strategy.

    • Evaluate performance between creative and copy to revamp your assets
    • Monitor conversion rates, click-through rates, and engagement data

    Creative analytics

    Track performance between different creatives to identify high-performing variations.

    Omnichannel attribution made easy

    With the Power Pixel feature, you can track customer journeys and capture first-party data like customers, campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads.

    • Identify every touch point that drives conversions along the customer journey
    • Assess conversion patterns and purchasing behaviors for unique customer segments
    • Integrate with third-party platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Klaviyo, and Shopify

    Power Pixel

    The Power Pixel captures first-party data and tracks customer journeys across every channel.

    Predict ad performance

    Best of all, Growify’s AI prediction engine can analyze historical data, forecast performance, and get recommendations to boost results.

    • Reallocate your budget and stop wasting ad spend across campaigns and channels
    • Invest in channels that’ll drive better returns without breaking the bank

    Forecast ad performance

    Use forecasting data to invest your ad spend into the channels with higher returns.

    With Growify, you can track omnichannel performance, optimize creatives, capture first-party data, and maximize ROAS.

    Manage paid ads with AI.

    Get lifetime access to Growify today!

    From the founders

    First post from founder

    🌱 Hello, Sumo-lings! 🚀

    We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves and our creation, Growify, to the vibrant AppSumo community! We're a team of data nerds, developers, and marketing professionals who've turned our passion into a powerful tool for digital marketers, agency owners, and Shopify store owners like you.

    👨‍💻 Who Are We?

    Our journey started as team members at Adspace, a digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. Driven by a shared frustration over the complexity of tracking marketing metrics across multiple channels and clients, we realized we could create something better, which sparked the initial idea for Growify. Our mission is simple: to democratize digital marketing with simple, affordable, and efficient software.

    🛠️ Why Growify?

    Unlike other tools that require deep pockets or extensive marketing knowledge, Growify is an AI-powered marketing platform that helps you optimize and scale ad spend across Meta and Google. It's designed to automate complex tasks like attribution, creative analytics, and budgeting so you can focus on what really matters—growing your business.

    🎉 Key Features & Benefits

    1. All-In-One Dashboard: Growify's drag-and-drop dashboard allows you to keep track of real-time campaign performance across multiple marketing channels.

    2. Creative Insights: Growify gives you the power to analyze performance across images, videos, and copy, so you can identify high-converting variations and scale them.

    3. Omni-Channel Attribution: Our PowerPixel™ allows you to capture first-party data and track customer journeys across channels, so you can see exactly what is working and adjust accordingly.

    On average, our users have seen a 36% decrease in wasted ad spend over the first three months of using Growify!

    🌍 Global Accessibility

    Growify proudly supports marketers from across the world! We are constantly working to expand our reach and adapt our tool to meet various market needs.

    📈 Your Investment & Our Promise

    The AppSumo deal for Growify includes lifetime access to our Pro features at a one-time cost, with no hidden fees. This deal is exclusive to Sumo-lings and includes future updates and new features as they roll out.

    🚀 Looking Ahead

    We're excited about the roadmap ahead! You can view our public roadmap to see what features are coming next. We're committed to continuous improvement based on your feedback.

    🔄 Stay Updated & Engaged

    Keep an eye on our AppSumo page for regular updates. We'll be announcing new features, addressing your questions, and sharing exciting news throughout our campaign.

    💬 Let's Connect

    Have questions or suggestions? Drop us a comment here or reach out through our support channel. We're always ready to assist you!

    🎁 Thank You!

    Thank you for checking out Growify. We can't wait to see how our tool empowers your growth. Let's make digital marketing easy and effective together!

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