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    24/7 automated copyright protection for digital creators

    If you create and sell digital content, the only place you want to deal with pirates is at the movies. (And even then, did they really need six films? Curse of the Black Pearl was enough.)

    You need to safeguard your work and revenue stream from piracy and copyright infringement, but don’t have the time or legal expertise to resolve issues on your own.

    It's time for an anti-piracy platform that scans the internet for you, processes takedown requests for infringement, and removes offending URLs from search results.

    Meet Harvel.


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    Detect piracy with automatic web crawls and use DMCA takedown requests to protect your content
    Alternative to: DMCA.pro and Rulta
    Receive in-depth weekly updates on infringements, takedowns, and search de-indexing
    Best for: Artists, software developers, and instructors looking to protect their original content on the digital market


    Harvel is a copyright protection tool that automatically scans the web for pirated content and sends expert-verified DMCA takedown requests to site hosts and search engines.

    Start by typing in the URL for your original content, and Harvel’s state-of-the-art crawler will look for instances of infringement across the web.

    You’ll be able to view stats on every step of the tracking, reporting, and takedown process on one seamless dashboard.

    Whenever any infringement is found, the platform’s team of experts verifies each case and sends a DMCA takedown request to the offending site’s host to force removal.

    Infringement tracking dashboard

    See every reported instance of infringement on Harvel’s simple dashboard, which tracks offending URLs and pending takedowns.

    Harvel works with Google and other search engines to de-index the sites with pirated content, ensuring they’ll never appear in search results.

    Once DMCA takedown and de-indexing are resolved, you’ll be able to access the official record of the takedown and see every action Harvel took to protect you.

    Plus, Harvel supports a whitelisting function, so you can ensure that custom domains where you do sell your content aren’t flagged for infringement.

    URL whitelist function

    Harvel supports whitelisting to protect authorized custom domains where you do sell content from takedown requests.

    If you happen to come across an instance of piracy on your own, you can manually submit a takedown request that the team investigate it.

    Whether a URL was detected manually or by the automatic web crawl, you’ll receive weekly emails with detection updates, takedown progress, and de-indexing status.

    With Harvel’s consistent updates, you’ll know that the tool is engaged 24/7 to protect your creative work.

    Manual infringement reporting

    Manually report stolen content when you come across an infringing URL on your own, and Harvel’s expert team will come to your rescue.

    If you ever have questions about using Harvel, you can find answers in the detailed Help Center library, or even chat directly with a team member for further support.

    Creators like course instructors and plug-in developers have boosted sales because customers must purchase directly from them, instead of finding the work for free.

    Plus, Harvel offers protection whether you sell directly from your site or use popular platforms like Patreon, Envato, Gumroad, Teachable, and BuyMeACoffee.

    Help Center

    Harvel’s Help Center is powered by dozens of articles to help you navigate every part of the platform—and you can chat with a team member for targeted assistance.

    Imitation might be a form of flattery, but flattery doesn’t pay the bills. (We're still holding out for a landlord who accepts rent in the form of Instagram likes.)

    Harvel protects your creative ideas and revenue stream from piracy and copyright infringement, using automatic web crawl detection and official DMCA takedown requests to get the job done.

    Break free from the threat of piracy.

    Get lifetime access to Harvel today!

    From the founders

    January 25, 2022

    Hey Sumo-lings, I’m Andrej, and today I’m excited to share Harvel, the copyright protection tool for next-gen creators!


    Copyright infringement and piracy has become a huge issue for the creator economy, and big contributor to revenue churn and sales leak. 💸

    Creators get their content stolen all the time, and then redistributed for free across dozens of websites and hosting sites. This in turn degrades their brand image, and most importantly, decreases their sales figures and revenue.

    Imagine spending countless hours creating that course for Udemy, only to have all that effort stolen and sold for free? 🤐


    Our goal is to help content creators automate the piracy fight, and let us handle it while they are creating great content.

    🦾Our algorithm searches the web every 24h, for illegal copies of the creator’s content. Books, online courses, soundtracks, software, plugins, themes, video templates. Anything that’s paid content.

    Once found, Harvel sends DMCA Takedowns to Google, in order to takedown & de-index the infringing content. We keep a close relationship for expedited notices. 🤝


    Our current customers are creators in very different, diverse fields:

    👨‍💻 Shopify Theme Developers

    👩‍💻 Wordpress Plugin Developers

    👩‍🏫 Udemy Course Creators

    👨‍🎨 Digital Artists who sell brushes for ProCreate

    📚 Book Authors and Publishers

    👾 3D Rendering Experts who sell their own 3D files

    🎮 Animation Instructors

    🥵 Fitness Gurus who sell guides, recipes and eBooks

    If you’re selling any form of digital product, you are going to find usage in our tool.


    We’ve been featured on Envato:


    We also wrote a case study with our early customers with over 1M followers and sales: https://harvel.io/creators/laura-h-rubin

    Our journey is just getting started, so sharing it with the makers and doers of AppSumo feels like the right thing to do.

    Join us on the journey in building a better creator future, by contributing to our roadmap: https://trello.com/b/K8ShSNx1/harvel-roadmap

    Feedback welcomed! Thanks everyone!

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