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    Instant stock insights & settlement analysis; summarize today's financial news of your stock

    Struggling to navigate the intricate world of market hype for stocks and cryptocurrencies?

    HypeIndex AI is the game-changer you've been looking for!


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    Detects groundswells before they surface and get timely indicators & alerts on the state of the market
    Get notified of shifts in the market psychology before they're seen in the price



    Get today's financial news of your stocks instantly delivered with HypeIndex AI.

    HypeIndex AI is a powerful tool for early hype detection in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

    It analyzes millions of data points around the web from all media streaming channels and identifies new stocks/cryptos that are starting to get hyped.

    The ultimate solution that summarizes news and creates instant reports on every stock.

    Welcome to NewsSense!

    In a world flooded with information, we understand how overwhelming it can be to sift through the noise and find what truly matters.

    With NewsSense, you can unlock real-time market insights with just a click.

    You'll also have access to comprehensive and up-to-date information, empowering you to make smarter trading decisions.

    Gain access to real-time alerts with HypeIndex AI.

    Our NewsSense feature, a powerful AI news report generator, provides you with a comprehensive hype report in just 30 seconds.

    This tool is your go-to for swift and informed decision-making.

    You will also gain access to real-time alerts, keeping you informed about significant changes in market hype and ensuring you never miss a crucial moment.

    Create a leaderboard of all hyped assets with their sentiment score.

    HypeIndex AI scrapes content from press releases, traditional media, and social networks.

    It uses Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Machine Learning to constantly read and interpret the market.

    Ready to unlock the power of real-time news analysis? Get this deal now!

    Ready to revolutionize your investment strategy?

    Embrace the future of hype detection.

    Get lifetime access to HypeIndex AI today!

    From the founders

    New Update Release

    Hi Sumo's,

    This is Avner,

    I wanted to apologize for the slight delay in our new update release. The situation in Israel is complicated at the moment, and sometimes we are experiencing delays that are beyond our control.

    Rest assured that we are doing the best we can to bring you the best product possible.

    The new update is planned to be released at the beginning of next week.

    Regarding user requests, I will be recording a video to explain the new features.

    Thank you so much for your support and understanding; we do not take it for granted.

    As always, I'm available for any suggestions or requests.

    Keep safe!


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