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    Hypnoledge is THE solution to learn personal development and foreign languages with hypnosis

    Hypnoledge is the first hypnosis-based learning solution.

    Designed by psychologists, hypnotherapists, and native linguists, it is the only platform that harnesses the science of hypnosis for autonomous learning through a mobile application.


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    Obtain a solid foundation, particularly for speaking and understanding the language intuitively
    You can start learning a language with no previous experience



    Close your eyes, breathe, learn
    If you've ever wanted to master another language, this is the tool for you.

    The learner takes a moment in their day, puts on their headphones, and enters their own world.

    They choose their favorite voice for the hypnosis induction, close their eyes... and embark on a 30-minute immersion.

    After the session, they emerge calm, ready, and without feeling like they've made an effort.

    Hypnosis induces an optimized state of consciousness that provides learners with better concentration and more lasting memorization.

    This creates a virtuous circle of satisfaction and motivation that naturally encourages progress.

    The secret to Hypnoledge is allowing a custom pathway to learning.

    The application is available in French, English, and Spanish.

    It offers a choice of 7 foreign languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, and French.

    Try Hypnoledge today and start learning a new language through hypnosis.

    Each lesson rewards the learner by earning bonus points, called Hypnokeys.

    These points allow them to unlock Hypnoboost capsules for personal development: improving self-esteem, productivity, overcoming fears, managing emotions, gaining confidence, letting go, stepping out of the comfort zone, etc.

    Get access to Hypnoledge today!


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