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    Build interactive content like quizzes and games for your website in minutes

    No matter how hard you try, you can't win many customers if your marketing content is tired and boring. (“We call it a campaign ad, they call it a sleep aid.”)

    Creating interactive content would be a great way to boost user engagement, but you don’t know how to build the kind of games that would attract leads.

    If only there was a platform that gave you everything you need to whip up gamified content like puzzles and quizzes in minutes.

    Time for Interacty.


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    Access hundreds of templates for a variety of games and other interactive content
    Use interactive forms to build micro landing pages in minutes



    Interacty is a gamification platform that lets you create interactive content to boost customer engagement and collect more leads.

    Build interactive games in minutes

    Interacty is packed with hundreds of customizable templates to help you create gamified content like trivia, slide puzzles, rank battles, and crosswords.

    • Design quizzes, slideshows, interactive horoscopes, and personality tests to engage visitors
    • Add timers and leaderboards to have users compete for prizes and discount codes


    Create interactive content in minutes with Interacty’s library of customizable game templates.

    Customize games with your branding

    Interacty’s intuitive design editor lets you build your own interactive game with simple content blocks.

    • Add static elements like images, text, and YouTube videos to increase brand awareness via your games
    • Get access to thousands of royalty-free images via Unsplash, or upload your own
    • Add lead forms to your games to collect customer information for sales and marketing

    Customize games

    Include your own images, text, and YouTube videos in your gamified content to boost brand awareness.

    Play live games with your team

    You’ll be able to level up team meetings and develop a sense of community by playing games together in real time.

    • Play live games right from your Zoom call—no need to download anything
    • Get support for gaming on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices so everyone can participate

    Live games

    Engage team members and foster community with live games on Zoom calls.

    Whip up micro landing pages

    Even better, Interacty lets you create mobile-responsive landing pages to quickly test your ideas, promote your product, and generate leads.

    • Build your landing page with templates and ready-made blocks for your logo, text, and images—no design experience required
    • Integrate lead forms or quizzes to collect lead info in one place

    Landing page builder

    Creates stunning landing pages in a few clicks—no technical experience required!

    Interacty gives you the tools to design interactive games, quizzes, and slideshows, so you can engage users and collect more leads.

    Gamify your marketing content.

    Get lifetime access to Interacty today!

    From the founders



    Business Development Manager

    May 25, 2022

    Hey Sumolings,

    Quick announcement!

    Interacty will be extending their AppSumo campaign based on the abundance of appreciation from the community! With this extension, the deal pricing will be increased on June 2nd, at 9 AM CST.

    The current pricing will be available till then, so be sure to capitalize on this before it’s gone!

    Interacty also has some exciting functionality coming to the package, so be on the lookout

    : )

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