Just Go With It: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

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    Discover real tips on starting your business from an expert CEO and innovator

    Starting a business can be a liberating feeling, like putting on sweatpants after work or having plans cancelled. ("Darn! And I was really looking forward to your cousin's niece's baby shower!")

    But with that freedom comes the challenge to bring in clients and grow your business, which can be tough if you’re new to entrepreneurship.

    Ready to learn from a successful entrepreneur who’s already had wins and made mistakes so you don’t have to?

    It’s all inside Just Go With It: How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship.


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    Learn to create a work-life balance while navigating entrepreneurship
    Get an inside look at the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey
    Discover why it’s vital to invest in yourself and your business



    Just Go With It is an ebook where entrepreneur, CEO, and innovator Mandy Gilbert shares her journey to guide and inspire both new and established entrepreneurs.

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    In Just Go With It, entrepreneur, CEO, and innovator Mandy Gilbert shares her journey to guide and inspire both new and established entrepreneurs alike.

    To Mandy, entrepreneurship is definitely an adventure worth taking—even if the path is rarely a straight line. (Much like popping into Target for “just one thing.”)

    In the book, she shares her lessons on how to strike that perfect balance between managing your personal life, developing your people, and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

    Ebook excerpt: Practice Self-Care

    For those who are brand new to entrepreneurship, you’ll learn how to get started and build a solid business foundation that’ll let you stick around for the long haul.

    Chaos is part of the entrepreneurial experience. This book shows you ways to effectively deal with chaotic or unexpected circumstances based on Mandy’s own experiences.

    You’ll also gain insights into how to reset the company culture.

    That way, you can identify new values and a new identity that excludes the things you didn’t love from your 9-to-5. (You’re really going to miss mandatory Hawaiian Shirt Day. /s)

    Ebook excerpt: New Values, New Identity

    In this ebook, Mandy shares her journey as an entrepreneur from the early days of her first business, Creative Niche, to her founding of an international design and tech school.

    Throughout her experiences, you’ll find real-world, hard-earned lessons she learned along the way—lessons you can draw from without making the mistakes yourself.

    By reading her story, you’ll not only gain valuable insight into how to get started with your business, but also get the inspiration you need to forge on when the going gets tough.

    Ebook excerpt: Invest In Yourself, Invest In Your Business

    Whether you start a business because you’re dissatisfied with your career, don’t like working in an office, or want to make a bigger impact, entrepreneurship can be a rewarding experience.

    Just Go With It provides the insight, advice, and motivation you need to take that big leap with confidence. (It’s like when you finally bought that airfryer, but a thousand times more exciting.)

    Don’t wait to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

    Get free access to Just Go With It today!


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