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    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Monetize royalty-free tracks and sound effects with 100% copyright claim protection

    Finding the perfect track to create that perfect YouTube vlog sounds a little too good to be true. (“Ah yes, ‘TravelSound-2’ definitely reminds me of Bali.” *eye roll*)

    Too bad you're stuck using the same ol’ music and SFX in your content just to avoid getting demonetized out of the blue.

    What if you had access to over 100,000 royalty-free tracks and SFX without ever worrying about copyright claims?

    Meet Keyframe Audio.


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    Access more than 100,000 premium, royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for videos, podcasts, and more
    Get a universal-sync license that protects your digital content from copyright claims across platforms



    Keyframe Audio is a music licensing service that lets you monetize royalty-free music and sound effects on any platform.

    Thanks to Keyframe Audio, you can access over 100,000 royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for your digital content.

    From some of Hollywood’s most prolific composers to professional-grade foley, you can find the exact sound that fits your vibe.

    Best of all, this music licensing service protects your content from copyright claims—so you’ll never get demonetized!

    No copyright claims

    Access over 100,000 royalty-free tracks and SFX without worrying about copyright claims!

    Their massive SFX catalog is packed with over 50,000 sound effects, including laser sounds, crackling fires, and foley.

    That means you can find the exact sound that’s going to elevate your YouTube content, true crime podcast, or streams.

    And because Keyframe Audio offers a universal-sync license, you’ll be able to monetize everything totally stress-free.

    SFX catalog

    The SFX catalog is loaded with over 50,000 sound effects, like lasers and foley.

    On top of stellar sound effects, you'll be able to discover over 50,000 music tracks spanning every genre and vibe.

    Keyframe Audio also offers a variety of expertly-curated playlists, so you can find what you’re looking for fast.

    Want to share some sick tunes with your friends? You can send any of the tracks via link, email, or social media in one click.

    Curated playlists

    Find the best music for your digital content with expertly-curated playlists.

    The coolest thing about Keyframe Audio is how easy it is to manage your own copyright claims with the clearance dashboard.

    If you’re uploading to YouTube, you can sync your channel with Keyframe Audio and keep uploading worry-free.

    Plus, if your content ever gets a copyright claim, simply enter that URL into your account to automatically remove the copyright claim.

    Clearance dashboard

    Remove a copyright claim from your content using the clearance dashboard.

    Creating engaging content is hard enough without dealing with the added stress of copyright issues. (“Making every sound effect has really killed my singing voice.”

    That's why Keyframe Audio gives you one universal license that protects you from copyright claims on every platform, so your content sounds like a dream.

    Cue the music.

    Get lifetime access to Keyframe Audio today!

    From the founders

    Keyframe Audio

    Greetings Sumo-lings,

    My name is Jeremiah from Keyframe Audio. We are very excited to be partnering with AppSumo to bring, what I would say, is the greatest royalty-free music offer in history. 😊

    “Royalty-free music you say? What’s great about that?”
    Let me tell you.
    Your video, podcast, presentation or stream won’t be great without high-quality audio. If you want to monetize your work and ensure that your content is never removed from public platforms you need a license.

    “That’s easy. There’re a million licensing sites, right?”
    Not really.
    The explosion in online video content has created an overwhelming demand for licensed audio. Unfortunately, it has mostly been filled with mediocre music and dangerous licensing promises. Creators run the risk of losing thousands of dollars of video monetization, copyright infringement claims or even having their channels closed because they used audio from an unreliable source. Surprisingly, good music and a safe license is still a hard combination to find and there are very few reliable sources to access and use copyrighted music and SFX.

    “So, who can I trust and still sound great?”
    Here at Keyframe Audio, we have been working at the leading edge of digital music licensing for over 10 years and have seen, heard and met the needs of users that want great audio and a safe license. We pioneered claim release access for licensees and are unique in offering full channel protection so all videos are auto-cleared directly through our users’ accounts.

    “Is it complicated? Are there a bunch of forms and tiers to get a license?”
    Nope. We offer one simple license that covers everything.
    We don’t have monthly download limits, questionnaires about company size, production budget, view counts or anything else. Your Keyframe Audio account simply covers everything.
    One license – Universal use – Total copyright protection.

    “How does the music sound? Do you have everything that I will need?”
    Keyframe Audio has succeeded in delivering some of the best royalty-free music available from award-winning producers and studios in Hollywood and giving our users the safest license in the industry. That is why some of your favorite channels and streaming services use our music in their major productions. We have music in every style, mood, genre and intensity and have professionally curated playlists so you can select from a list of songs that fit your project.

    Your Keyframe Audio account gives unlimited access to:
    ✔ Over 50,000 songs, versions and stems
    ✔ Over 40,000 high-quality SFX files for every situation
    ✔ Channel auto-clearing to protect from individual copyright claims
    ✔ Save, share and organize your favorite music
    ✔ Curated playlists with the latest metadata for easy search and filter

    So, as I said, we are very excited to partner with AppSumo and offer our complete audio solution to all of the Sumo-lings. I believe that Keyframe Audio will be the last audio source you will ever need for your content creation.
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