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    Get online bookings from your website (for practitioners, home services, salons, course providers)

    Seeking seamless online bookings, real-time availability, and easy payments directly from your website?

    Discover kiwilaunch, a no-code online booking and scheduling SaaS solution seamlessly integrated into your website and brand.

    Customize various service types - from private services to fixed-date courses and more - and elevate the booking experience for your clients.

    Our smart booking widgets and catalog widgets can be effortlessly added to your website with a few simple scripts.

    Whether you're a solo practitioner, a personal trainer, a training institute, or a cleaning company, kiwilaunch is tailored to enhance your journey and unlock your online earnings. Real-time availability is key to successful online bookings. Our platform offers a seamless scheduling and booking system for your back office, ensuring your online booking availability is always up-to-date.


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    kiwilaunch is a no-code online booking and scheduling solution with customizable widgets for your website
    It supports complex service offerings, provides admin tools, and allows secure payments through Stripe



    kiwilaunch online booking demo
    Customizable booking funnel optimized for conversion.

    We craft a personalized, white-label booking funnel tailored to your specific service type and preferences.

    While there are numerous appointment scheduling tools available, our approach stands out. Kiwi takes inspiration from the world's largest online businesses and conducts extensive A/B testing to develop the most optimized booking funnel. We go beyond the basic 'choose a slot from the calendar' approach.

    For instance, if you're a personal trainer, your business extends beyond simple time slots. You might offer BootCamp groups, operate your own gym, or visit clients at their location, covering specific areas. You may sell packages with recurring appointments over several weeks. kiwilaunch accommodates all these intricacies and more.

    Live example of smart booking widget and standalone booking page.

    Services are unique experiences, and they deserve to be presented with a compelling narrative. That's why we go beyond just offering a booking landing page; we design customized booking widgets tailored to your specific service types. These widgets can seamlessly integrate into your website's service pages or your homepage.

    As shown above, you'll find an example of a booking widget designed for a language group class, alongside a booking landing page for the same institute or course provider.

    Admin panel to fully manage your service business.

    A seamless synergy between an effective online booking system and a well-coordinated scheduling/back office system is essential.

    To prevent any overlap in bookings, it's crucial that the online booking system is seamlessly integrated with the scheduling system.

    Many scheduling systems often fall short in terms of user experience and functionality for admin teams.

    With kiwilaunch, you not only have the necessary integrations like Zapier and Google Calendar to seamlessly work with your existing scheduling systems but also access to a top-tier scheduling and back office system. This robust system empowers you to efficiently manage your calendars, bookings, invoices, customers, packages, coupons, and more.

    Use your Stripe account to receive payments. (PayPal on the way)

    You have the flexibility to choose between two payment options: cash on delivery or utilizing your own Stripe account to securely process payments. We received a lot of requests from the community and now working to integrate PayPal.

    Set your preferred terms and conditions and privacy policy while receiving payments directly into your account.

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    From the founders


    Orkun Gedik


    Welcome to kiwilaunch!

    Dear Sumolings,

    Greetings from the kiwilaunch team!

    I'm Orkun, one of the co-founders here at kiwilaunch, and I wanted to take a moment to share our journey and vision with all of you. Over the years, I've had the privilege of building and leading various service marketplaces. Over time, it became clear that there was a strong need for a software like kiwi.

    Our journey has involved working with thousands of service providers, conducting countless A/B tests to optimize the booking experience for different types of services. We've understood that services are not commodities; each of you is unique, with a distinct story to tell. Whether you're a personal trainer, a course provider, or a cleaning company, your story matters, and we are best at transforming these narratives into conversions and sales.

    One realization during our journey was that many service-based businesses lacked a proper scheduling system. So, we took it upon ourselves to create a vertically integrated system. What does that mean for you? You get a supremely user-friendly and powerful scheduling system at the core of your business operations. On top of that, we've crafted an Online Booking suite, complete with mobile capabilities and a conversion-optimized user experience for your clients. And the best part? Being a white-label solution, this seamlessly integrates with your brand identity.

    Our presence here on Appsumo isn't just about showcasing our product; it's about engaging with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs like you. We're eager to listen to your insights, suggestions, and ideas to help us shape the future direction of kiwilaunch. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at Whether it's through email or a call, I genuinely value every interaction with you!

    Thank you for being a part of the kiwilaunch journey. We're excited about what lies ahead and can't wait to embark on this adventure together.


    Orkun and the Kiwilaunch Team

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