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    Create and automate customer-focused, human-sounding email campaigns with AI

    If your cluttered inbox is teaching you anything, it’s that email marketing is still the best way to grow your business. (It’s also the best way to get overwhelmed on the daily.)

    Templates could cut down your writing time, but they don’t fit every use case—and installing different writing tools interrupts your workflow.

    Whether you’re in marketing, sales, or customer service, you need an AI-powered Chrome extension and email whizz to create campaigns that get clicks.

    Check out Klynk.


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    Automate your email campaigns and integrate with leading CRM and email marketing platforms
    Create customer-focused email campaigns in minutes using an AI-powered Chrome extension



    Klynk is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can write and automate customer-focused email campaigns that actually convert.

    With Klynk, you get an AI-powered Chrome extension that lets you create customer-centric email campaigns in minutes, without sounding robotic.

    Whether you’re booking demos, collecting reviews, or signing up for trials, all you have to do is fill out a prompt to get started.

    This tool even lets you specify the terms of your trial offers, including trial duration, limited features, and payment methods.

    Email template

    Create AI-powered email campaigns in minutes for any use case.

    Personalize every email of your campaign by plugging up to five keywords relevant to your offers and target audience.

    You can set the tone and word count to match your brand voice and style, so you’re not jumping back in to edit everything.

    With AI-powered templates, it only takes a few prompts to send emails that resonate with your audience and capture higher conversions.

    Personalization settings

    Personalize your emails with tone settings and up to five keywords.

    You’ll be able to choose from prebuilt follow-up sequences designed to convert random internet strangers into brand-new customers.

    Klynk offers follow-ups tailored to different campaign types, allowing you to drive action and conversions with calls to action.

    For example, you can direct your audience to sign up for demos or click through to book a call with someone on your team.

    Call to action

    Drive conversions with calls to action tacked onto your follow-up sequences.

    To make campaign management totally seamless, Klynk lets you integrate this tool into your existing workflows.

    You can push content to your emailing systems to capture data automatically and set up multi-channel outreach without breaking a sweat.

    This tool also lets you integrate with Mailchimp, HubSpot, Active Campaign, and other popular tools that power your workday.


    Integrate Klynk into your existing workflow to automate your campaigns.

    Thanks to modern AI technology, AI-written emails don’t have to sound like literal robots. (“Move over, SmarterChild, there’s a new genius in town.”)

    Klynk’s AI helps you create email campaigns without sacrificing the relatable personality that catches people’s attention.

    Humanize your email marketing.

    Get lifetime access to Klynk today!

    From the founders

    Company and Product FAQs

    When was your company founded & where is it located?
    2020, Danville, California

    What are past projects, failures, or successes you’ve had in your career?
    I started my entrepreneurial journey with a small business model similar to Groupon. However, recognizing a bigger opportunity, I pivoted and turned it into a marketing agency. I managed to bootstrap it all the way to $400k in revenue, which was no easy feat, considering I was juggling it with a full-time job due to visa limitations.
    While working my day job, I had a pretty interesting ride. I transitioned from an engineering manager to a presales role and eventually landed as a sales director. During this time, I closed an enterprise deal valued at $3.6 million, and in total, I've closed deals worth around $15 million.
    One of the highlights of my journey was when I convinced my then-boss about my new venture, Glance. He not only agreed to process my green card while I worked on Glance but also ended up as an angel investor when I moved to Glance full-time.
    I've taken all the lessons learned from these experiences to build Klynk. It's been a roller coaster, but every step has been crucial to making Klynk what it is today. Can't wait to see what the AppSumo community thinks of it!

    What is your team size?
    Developers -5
    Support - 3
    Founders -2
    Designer -1

    Are you funded or bootstrapped?
    Angel funded through Arka Venture Labs.

    What 3rd party tools is your product critically dependent on? 
    Open AI GPT3.5

    Where is your customer data stored?

    What is your current monthly recurring revenue (MRR)?
    Not applicable. We just launched in April and launched monetization in May.

    How many customers do you have today?

    What’s the origin of the idea for your product?
    Our journey actually began with a product called Glance.se - a metrics monitor for all marketing data. We also built a Slack app that really caught people's attention, making it in the top 5 in marketing apps.

    However, as we pushed forward, we realized that Glance.se wasn’t really moving the needle for us. We decided to explore how AI could be applied to specific use cases and made a pivot towards email and SaaS segmentation. Our thought process was that it was essential to target the right people based on signals from CRM, product usage data, and billing information.

    Yet, as we dug deeper, we found that the SaaS funnel was a complex beast, shared between marketing, sales, and accounts departments. On top of that, we discovered that people should have paid more attention to segmentation. However, they did notice and appreciate a feature we had built - integrating AI to create content for the segmented roles.

    It was a Eureka moment for us - this was what users really wanted. Given my personal background in marketing, the learnings we had accumulated from Glance, and our expertise in integrations, we decided to make a bold move. We pivoted hard, and Klynk was born.

    We hustled and launched the Klynk extension in a record time of just 10 days from conception. Since then, we've been gaining users organically and are constantly striving to improve the product.

    In short, it's been a wild ride, but every twist and turn has led us to where we are today with Klynk!

    What problem is your product solving and how?
    Klynk solves the problem of creating high-quality, personalized email campaigns that can engage and convert customers. It applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do this quickly and effectively, providing valuable assistance to marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

    The process of crafting customized, impactful emails can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, often requiring expertise in copywriting and a deep understanding of customer psychology. Klynk streamlines this process by using AI to generate content that feels human and resonates with customers, thereby increasing the chances of email campaign success.

    Additionally, Klynk helps in creating tailor-made campaigns that save precious time with content suggestions powered by AI and real-time integrations that make workflows easier. Klynk also integrates seamlessly with CRM, Email, Analytics, Support, and Billing systems, ensuring that the campaigns are data-driven and optimized for success.

    What sets it apart from the rest in your space?
    What truly sets Klynk apart is the level of personalization it provides. Klynk can handle multiple functions, enabling users to create email campaigns for growth marketing, customer success, and sales. Moreover, these campaigns can be customized for specific personas, use cases, and sequences to meet business goals.

    Klynk offers a broad range of campaign types, making it an all-in-one solution for all email campaign needs. Its capacity to cater to SaaS, customer success, and marketing personas across various stages of the customer journey adds to its versatility.

    On top of all this, Klynk's user-friendly Chrome extension allows users to effortlessly craft winning campaigns right from their browsers, further streamlining the process and saving time. Klynk's focus on user experience and ease of use distinguishes it from other similar solutions in the market.

    What’s the #1 thing you’re looking to gain from the AppSumo campaign?
    Funding and use cases for next level of customers.

    What are your plans with the customers, cash, and learnings from the AppSumo campaign?
    Our main goal with the AppSumo campaign is to gain invaluable insights, drive customer growth, and secure funding to further develop and enhance Klynk.

    Customers: We plan on fostering a strong relationship with our new customers from the AppSumo campaign. Their feedback will be instrumental in refining our product, allowing us to ensure Klynk continually meets and exceeds customer expectations.

    Cash: The funds from the campaign will primarily be reinvested into product development. This includes enhancing our AI technology, expanding our range of integrations, and improving overall user experience. We are committed to creating a product that is not just functional but world-changing in its ability to revolutionize email campaign creation. We also intend to build something called as business lexicon.

    Learnings: We see every interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow. The insights we gain from this campaign, both from the feedback and data analysis, will help shape our future strategies and guide our path forward.

    Next on the horizon, if we achieve what we're looking for from this campaign, we aim to expand our user base significantly, build a robust and recurring customer acquisition model, and establish Klynk as a market leader in the realm of AI-driven email campaigns. We're also looking at expanding our offering to include other popular browsers to cater to a wider audience.

    Above all, we strive to continually adapt and innovate in response to the evolving needs of our customers and market trends.

    Any details to clarify about the deal?
    At present, our primary focus is on English-speaking countries, specifically targeting the USA and Canada. We believe these markets align well with our current capabilities and offer us the best opportunities for growth. While we recognize the potential in internationalization, and definitely see it on our horizon, we do not have immediate plans to implement this. Our goal is to first establish a strong foothold and reputation within our primary markets, after which we will begin to explore and strategize for broader global expansion.

    Anything else you'd like to add?
    We are super excited about the AppSumo campaign.

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