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    Automate document processing and data extraction with over 20 pre-trained AI models

    A stack of financial reports isn’t an exciting read. (“0/10 wouldn’t recommend. But will probably have to read again.”)

    Since time is money, you can’t afford to spend all day picking apart contracts, tables, and unstructured documents to find the data you need.

    What if an AI platform could automate the whole process to help you reduce errors, save on operational costs, and improve efficiency?

    Meet Kudra.


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    Build a custom AI workflow or choose from 20+ pre-trained AI models for just about any use case
    Use the built-in AI models to accurately extract entities and chatGPT to perform abstract reasoning tasks



    Kudra is an AI platform that can analyze and extract info from any document, like contracts, bank statements, invoices, and reports.

    Using the visual workflow builder, you can build a custom workflow to analyze unstructured documents and extract the data you need.

    Kudra’s AI can process loads of document types, including PDFs, CSVs, payslips, Word docs, and even images.

    Choose from a variety of OCR engines to parse anything from tables to handwritten notes to schematics.

    After processing, you’ll be able to export data to various endpoints like Dropbox, QuickBooks, and Google Sheets.

    Workflow Builder

    Create custom workflows to analyze and extra info from various document types.

    Kudra lets you add a reasoning layer to any workflow with the ChatGPT module, making it easy to prompt the AI.

    This feature can handle anything, from analyzing contractual clauses to spotting miscalculations in financial reports.

    This is super handy for performing abstract tasks like entity extraction, summarization, document classification, and more.

    ChatGPT Module

    Let the ChatGPT module perform tasks like analyzing contracts and classifying documents.

    Access over 20 pre-trained AI templates built to extract data from documents like W2 forms and expense receipts.

    These AI templates are split into five main categories: finance, legal, logistics, insurance, and HR.

    Kudra also lets you build data extraction templates for popular use cases in minutes.

    AI Templates

    Jumpstart your workflow with over 20 pre-trained AI templates for popular use cases.

    You can use a custom AI model to make sure complex tasks are completed successfully using step-by-step instructions.

    With up to 20 labeled examples, you’ll be able to train AI models to outperform generic models with the highest accuracy.

    So if you’re reading complex contracts, your custom AI model can identify names, addresses, termination clauses, and more. It’ll even pump out a summary for you!

    Custom training

    Train your own AI data extraction model to handle complex tasks.

    Thanks to Kudra's flexible workflow builder, AI templates, and powerful ChatGPT module, you'll be able to accurately extract data from any document. 

    Speed up your document processing.

    Get lifetime access to Kudra today!

    From the founders

    A message from Kudra

    Hello Sumo-lings,

    I am Walid, founder of Kudra, your AI engine to automate data extraction and intelligence from your documents.

    What is Kudra?

    Kudra empowers you to extract any piece of information from your documents - from clauses in contracts, complex financial tables in 10-Ks, chemical compounds in SDS to pulling entity relations from healthcare notes , etc. all with few clicks and without the need for AI training.

    But there's more: Kudra takes this structured information and feeds it into your Large Language Model (LLM), enabling it to analyze and offer recommendations. This capability allows the creation of sophisticated AI workflows that can pull critical data from any unstructured document for analysis. The applications are vast and transformative, as seen with our early adopters.

    Why you should care:

    🧩 Custom Workflow Creation: Tailor Kudra to your specific business needs, whether you're dealing with invoices, contracts, forms, 10-K documents, or any other type of document.

    🎯 Unmatched Accuracy: Do you need to deploy custom models? Easily train and deploy custom AI models with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for complex scripting or setting up inference servers.

    🧠 Seamless LLM Integration: Enhance your document extraction workflows with an additional layer of intelligence by chaining an LLM.

    👥 Human-in-the-Loop: Ensure continuous improvement of your models through review, re-labeling, and retraining based on model predictions.

    Our mission is to enable companies to extract intelligence from any type of data. We are starting with documents, but our plan is to expand to other modalities such as images, audio, and video.

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