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    Connect with site visitors via live chat, phone, and video call

    No matter how charismatic you might be, it's hard to connect with prospects when you're running an online business. (“See this link? It's just for you... and everyone else who visits my website." 

    Without direct communication, it’s hard to win over your prospects and convince them to buy anything from your business.

    Imagine if you could reach out to any website visitors with live, personal support using real-time chat, phone, or video calls.

    Introducing Let’s Connect.


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    Get in touch with your customers online via chat, phone, or video on demand
    Customize your own website widget, create contact forms, and share QR codes



    Let’s Connect helps you communicate with potential leads with a website widget or QR code so you can boost online sales.

    Interact with customers over chat, phone, and video call using the Let’s Connect website widgets, shareable links, or QR codes.

    Before connecting with a customer, you’ll receive information about incoming requests to prepare for the conversation.

    You can toggle between communication types—like switching to phone calls for voice-only interactions or shifting to screen sharing to showcase your product.

    Let’s Connect widgets

    Connect with your customers via chat, phone, or video calls directly using the Let’s Connect site widgets.

    Create an online contact form where customers can leave their contact details or schedule an appointment to speak with your team.

    And because Let’s Connect integrates with Google and Outlook, it’s always a cinch to keep track of meetings.

    You can also ask for feedback on the entire experience and use your customer’s input to improve future consultations.

    Contact form

    Create contact forms that let customers leave messages or schedule appointments with your team.

    Who needs a developer when installation is so easy? Just copy-and-paste the code snippet to add a website widget.

    You can personalize your widgets and QR codes with custom colors, texts, and media that match your brand’s look and feel.

    You'll even be able to use your Let’s Connect site widgets to provide customer support, give product demos, and book calls with sales reps.

    Customize widgets

    You can easily customize widgets with your brand colors, custom text, and media embeds.

    Let’s Connect identifies anonymous website visitors to discover potential leads who want to get in touch with your business.

    This tool also lets you run A/B tests on different widgets, so you can optimize the experience and convert more traffic.

    Plus, the Zapier and Shopify integrations let you move more potential customers closer to the checkout page.

    Identify visitors

    Identify anonymous website visitors to put more potential leads on your radar.

    You’re bound to lose sales if nobody’s helping customers with last-minute questions before checkout. (“Maybe adding another popup will do the trick??”)

    But with Let’s Connect, you can instantly interact with customers via chat, phone, or video call, making it a breeze to convert more leads.

    Quickly connect with your visitors.

    Get lifetime access to Let’s Connect today!

    From the founders

    Exciting Updates!

    Hey Sumo-lings,

    It’s me – Michael, CEO from Let’s Connect again!

    First of all, thanks to all of you for your great feedback, reviews and all your feature requests. Today is the day & I am back with some good news 🥳

    We are listening to you & have already managed to implement some of your requests:


    Add widgets in any language you need. From now on you are able to add new languages and all translations directly in Let’s Connect to display it correctly to your visitors. The widget will always show up in the visitor's browser language and if this language is not added in Let’s Connect, English (default) will be displayed automatically.


    With this feature, individual widgets and user groups can be connected. This means that agents assigned to a widget will only get requests and see all data from that specific widget.

    🔉 SOUND ON 

    Turn on the sound on the welcome-screen and say hello to your prospects even more personally. Humanize the experience even more.


    Now all Web Connect widgets can be displayed in the left or right corner.

    We are currently working on the mobile app, but unfortunately it still takes some time. But please look forward to a great start into 2023 with the Let’s Connect App. 🚀 Thanks for your patience. 

    And there is definitely more to come! Stay up to date with a look at our public roadmap 👉 https://trello.com/b/1a4qGN0d/lets-connect-public-roadmap

    Now go and check it out!

    If you have any feedback or questions, I am still super excited to hear from you or see you as a part of the Let’s Connect community - today or in the future 💛

    Cheers 🍻
    Michael and the whole Let’s Connect Team

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